Omens and superstitions about wedding dress.

A wedding is the main event in the life of every girl. The whole family of the bride, as well as her friends, is preparing for it. They attach particular importance to a wedding dress – its style, color and length. What are the signs and superstitions about marriage connected with, is it worth listening to them? It is necessary to wear a white dress by all means, or, for example, a red wedding dress is quite suitable - what are the omens about the wedding dress color? What do they say? For example, it is known that before the baptism of Russia, brides wore a bright red sundress. However, with the advent of Christianity, many traditions have changed. What happens if the bride wears a colored dress instead of a white one? Let's find out together in this article.

Signs and superstitions about a wedding gown.

Signs about a wedding dress excite the minds of many girls going to the registry office, even those who are not at all particularly superstitious in everyday life. Despite the modern freedom of morals, which allows registering a marriage even in jeans, many people prefer the classic wedding ceremony with wedding rings, a snow-white dress and veil, a wedding bouquet and other festive attributes.

White color is a symbol of purity, innocence, chastity, modesty and spirituality. This is how a white wedding dress is interpreted in Christian countries. If the bride comes to the altar in a snow-white gown, it is believed that the relationship in the family will be pure, immaculate and sincere. Therefore, white is very important for those who believe in the divine. But still, not all girls adhere to this tradition, since in our time there are many atheist-minded youth. Let's consider the meaning of other colors and shades for a special occasion.

How to choose the best color for the wedding dress?

What is the best color for the wedding dress? Knowing all the omens and superstitions about the color of a wedding dress, you can easily choose an option that meets both the requirements of traditional color symbolism and your personal preferences.

Brown shades for the wedding dress.

Brown is a common color in nature, but most often fallen leaves or soil devoid of vegetation are painted in this color. Signs say that a brown wedding dress will bring nothing but noise and family quarrels. Moreover, it is likely that the end of a marriage that began with a brown dress will be a scandalous divorce with a long and exhausting division of property.

These sad interpretations also apply to light brown variations. It is believed that sandy, caramel, cream and even beige wedding dress tones attract quarrels, conflicts, inability to hear each other in a young family.

Yellow color in a wedding dress.

Should you wear a yellow wedding dress? Signs and omens regarding such a choice are unfavorable. It will be difficult to call the relationship between spouses close and trusting. But the golden wedding dress has a completely different meaning, because this color promises the newlyweds wealth and prosperity. Modern girls who prefer yellow shades should take a closer look at golden fabrics for a wedding gown.

Orange color is an unusual color for a wedding celebration and wedding attire. However, orange is often associated with life-giving solar energy. It symbolizes joy, happiness, contentment with life, as well as respect for others.

Red wedding dress: signs for married life.

The signs of our pagan ancestors, their faith and worldview return again to the modern world and with them the fashion for red wedding dresses came. Red color symbolizes passion, love, but at the same time the same color refers to irritation, anger, and other strong emotions. Therefore, you should wear red tones with caution. Some color experts recommend wearing a red dress on your second wedding day. Another compromise is the classic white dress with red trim.

It's another matter if the young woman chose a pink wedding dress for a celebration - the signs about it are the most iridescent. This color is a material expression of romantic feelings, dreams of happiness, tenderness and love. You can count on a happy marriage. But according to some signs, pink color for the wedding ceremony does not favor the financial prosperity of the family.

Purple color for wedding attire.

Paying tribute to fashion trends, many girls dream of wearing a purple or lilac wedding dress on their most important day, because these outfits definitely have showiness. But will this choice be correct from the point of view of superstition?

There is no consensus on this matter. It is believed that spouses who are interested in spiritual practices, personal development, need not be afraid of the extravagance of the bride's purple dress: purple will help them make their life together magical. But couples who prefer more traditional lifestyle, however, risk their marriage by opting for a purple wedding outfit.

All these characteristics also apply to the lilac shade, albeit to a slightly lesser extent.

Green or blue wedding dress.

A girl who considers dark-blue color an option for a wedding dress should take into account that this cold shade is considered unfavorable for the holiday of love. Signs and omens about a dark-blue wedding dress say that this shade will extinguish the romantic spark and alienate the newlyweds from each other. The spouse will become tough, indifferent, a person completely devoid of empathy. He will absolutely not care what his wife wants, feels and what she is worried about.

But blue color for the wedding dress is a completely different matter. Light blue means sincerity, purity, clarity of thoughts and community of goals. The relationship will be successful, harmonious, however, very calm and predictable. For temperamental natures, such a marriage may seem boring.

Green shades symbolize tenderness and warmth. However, popular superstitions say that a green wedding dress portends chronic financial problems for a young family.

Gray (silver) color for the wedding dress.

Gray color, even when it comes to noble silver shades, is unfavorable for the day of the wedding ceremony. This color symbolizes life without mutual respect, consent, understanding. Family happiness will be short-lived: after the marriage, the prospect of separation will loom on the horizon soon.

Black wedding dress.

Is black color acceptable for a wedding dress? Signs speak negatively about such a choice. Black is the color of mourning, loss, remorse. Such a dress can cause subconscious associations that provoke depressive mood. In addition, black is a symbol of early widowhood.

Is it ok to rent a wedding dress? What do omens say about someone else's wedding dress?

Is it bad luck to wear someone else's wedding dress? According to folk belief, a newlywed outfit needs to be sewn individually. During the sewing of the dress, magical threads of conspiracies for happiness, prosperity, luck, longevity were woven into it. Nowadays, few people adhere to this tradition, but the sign of a rental dress works - this is not good to rent wedding attire. Putting on someone else's dress for the wedding – is an omen that your family life will also be “rented”, and will not last long.

In addition, a dress and a wedding veil were used to treat serious ailments of babies. Now this tradition can bring a smile, but in the past there were no hospitals or children's polyclinics, and the functions of a pediatrician and midwife were performed by a healer. People were treated as best they could. And it helped. Therefore, the dress was kept; they took care of it like the apple of an eye.

So you learned the signs about a wedding dress for rent, whether it is possible to take it. Even a new wedding dress cannot be rented, because after you another girl will wear it. Who knows, maybe she will take your marital happiness or affect the relationship with your husband in some other negative way.

Another reason not to save on a wedding dress: you will save your whole life, and live in debt. Arranging a wedding celebration on borrowed money is generally a bad omen. And this is not a banal superstition, but a proven fact of life. After all, it is not for nothing that there are many signs and superstitions that assert that the quality of the path depends on what the first step will be.

Omens and superstitions about wedding footwear.

We have sorted out the signs about the color of the wedding dress, but the festive image of the bride consists of many other details. The main ones are veils and wedding shoes.

    Wedding shoes are invisible under a long dress, but still have their own symbolic meaning:
  • the higher the heel is, the stronger the position of the newlywed in the new family will be;
  • however, too high heels of the wedding shoes can bring a henpecked husband;
  • metal heel soles on shoes are unacceptable: family life will turn into a battlefield;
  • if the newlywed feels insecure wearing heels, it will also be the same in family life; it is better to choose a more comfortable model of shoes;
  • twisting your leg at a wedding, and especially falling, is not a good omen;
  • marriage should not be registered in sandals - frivolous shoes symbolize financial holes and constant poverty.

What do the omens say about the bride's veil? Many modern girls refuse to wear it, considering it a relic of the past. But they do it in vain. It is a symbol of the spiritual authority of a husband over his wife. The girl leaves her clan and goes under the patronage of her husband's clan. If she does not do this, the family life will not be harmonious either. It is undesirable to wear a wreath or flowers on your head without a veil - this is an omen of unsuccessful family life.

Also, a veil made of translucent or mesh fabric serves as an excellent talisman against the evil eye. Previously, the veil covered not only the bride's hair, but also her face. The bride went to the altar completely covered with veil; only at the altar the groom opened her face. The bride could completely remove the veil only at the end of the celebration.

What to do with the wedding dress after the wedding ceremony?

Can a wedding dress be sold? Signs are categorically against this. Many zealous housewives think that buying an expensive dress for one day is unwise. They just do not know what magical significance this outfit has for the future life of the newlywed and her child. Some women try to sell their outfit, thereby causing trouble on themselves. According to the omens and superstitions, they give family happiness to other people with their own hands, without realizing the sad consequences of this act.

The wedding attire is a talisman for family happiness and well-being. Previously, it was passed down from mother to daughter. But only under condition that the mother's family life turned out to be happy.

Also, the omens state that you should not give your wedding outfit to your friends or alter it for everyday needs. This can affect the physical or mental health of the newlywed negatively. However, if the marriage still falls apart, then it is advisable to burn the outfit in order to get rid of bad memories and negative energy. You can't throw it away, just burn it.

Sometimes wedding vestments or some of its details are worn on the anniversary. This is a good decision: the wedding dress evokes fond memories of happy time. Such a gesture can even renew faded feelings and revive former passion.

The final choice of the color of the wedding dress depends on the bride herself. What color should the wedding dress be? If you don't know which color to prefer, choose snow-white - according to all beliefs, it does not carry any negative energy. And the outfit should be one-piece: it is unacceptable to wear a skirt with a blouse. This foreshadows the separation between husband and wife.

Throughout the ages, the marriage ceremony has been perceived as a sacred rite that ensures harmonious, successful, happy family life. Today, a special attitude to the wedding is once again becoming general, which means that wedding traditions, customs, and beliefs are also reviving. But it really doesn't really matter if you have a green, gold or red wedding dress. Signs and omens play a huge role in the lives of most people, but there is nothing more important than the feelings of the spouses, their desire to respect and care for each other.

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Sergii Haranenko

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