Wedding Bouquet Meaning In Dreams

Seeing a dream about a wedding bouquet is a precursor of fateful acquaintance, getting married soon or harmonious relations in your couple. But some details in a dream can warn about threat for your marriage or financial problems.

The interpretation of the dream changes depending on who saw the wedding bouquet in the dream

  • An unmarried girl or an adult single woman - the lady will have a meeting with her lover, and in the future the development of a serious relationship. Some dream books interpret this as a harbinger of success in professional activities.
  • A young man - he will receive signs of attention from the girl he is interested in.
  • An adult man - a mature man will meet a woman who will intrigue him.
  • The bride is on the eve of the wedding - the future newlywed will have a happy marriage (a successful marriage will be long). After marriage, the husband will remain loving and attentive, the same as he was at the dawn of the relationship. There will be many joyful moments in family life.
  • An adult man or woman who has a family - the dream confirms the strength of their marriage bonds (there is no place for deception, cheating, discord, or omissions in their married couples).

If you dreamed of a beautiful composition of fresh flowers, this dream foretells good luck and prosperity, mutual love and strengthening family ties. Do not be surprised by happy accidents and the ease of implementing ideas - after all, you managed to make friends with Fortune.

Material well-being and financial stability – this is what dreams of a beautifully decorated wedding bouquet mean.

If in your dream a stranger was holding a floral arrangement in his hands, this means that happiness will soon “knock” on your personal life, you will meet a “man for life” who will be ideal.

The wedding bouquet composition can help you get detailed interpretation of the dream

A red wedding bouquet in a dream is a sign that your feelings to your partner will become deeper and more passionate. If it was composed of red roses in a dream this means that your relationship with your partner will stand the test of time.

If the bouquet consisted of bright flowers, you can be expecting inheritance, but this will not necessarily be money.

If there was a bow in the flower arrangement, you will soon be able to turn the head of a sincerely generous person. Moreover, the fate of this relationship will depend only on you (you can decide whether to continue the romance or break the connection).

  • White roses – someone will confess that he loves you;
  • Red carnations – you will get acquainted with a military man;
  • Lilies of the valley – creative success, getting to the university;
  • Bird cherry – successful performance on stage;
  • White peonies – you will win the competition;
  • Colorful peonies – visiting some entertainment event: concert, museum, theatre;
  • Lilacs – success in everything and the feeling of happiness.

If you had a dream about a bouquet of different flowers, this means you have to be more open with your friends and colleagues. Maybe you will meet your fate on one of your friends’ parties.

Faded bouquet represents coldness in love or marriage.

According to Miller, a wedding bouquet is a symbol that your man is faithful to you. If the girl is not married yet, this means she will meet her second half soon. Arranging a flower composition for the bride predicts your future wedding. For those who do not have a suitable couple yet, the dream promises a new acquaintance; but you should avoid obsession in your behavior.

If you were choosing and buying this wedding bouquet, you will have luck, success and will have a chance to fulfill your old plans.

    Your actions with the wedding detail will give the details of the plot:
  • Catching a bouquet – you want to get married so much; you should not make your idée fix;
  • Arranging a bouquet for somebody – you will have changes in personal life;
  • Buying one – you are lacking attention of the opposite sex;
  • Holding flowers – you have harmonious relations in your couple;
  • Throwing bouquet – you will have financial difficulties.

A dream about catching a wedding bouquet for a married woman is a threat for your marriage. The same interpretation can be applied to a dream about throwing it – you will be facing divorce soon. If you have a dream that the wedding bouquet fell from your hands, this is a symbol that you have chosen a wrong direction, all your efforts will be in vain.

If a girl was catching it in a dream, but didn’t manage to, this means there will be no changes in her personal life during this year. A successful catch predicts a coming wedding.

Real-life omens and superstitions about a wedding bouquet.

    Few people know that the signs about the bride’s wedding bouquet are not limited to the superstition that the girl who caught it will also get married soon.
  • For example, in England, at a certain stage of the wedding, the bride was in danger of being undressed: women surrounded her, trying to touch the veil “for good luck”, or even tear a piece of cloth from the hem. To distract their attention, the bride threw her wedding bouquet into the crowd. It was believed that the one to whom it would get would be happy and lucky.
  • According to ancient Russian traditions, a bouquet, and even earlier a wreath, was supposed not to be thrown, but passed on to an unmarried guest from hand to hand. Girlfriends led a round dance around the bride, and she randomly, with her eyes closed, held out flowers to one of them.
  • If the flowers flew into the hands of a married woman, this is also considered a favorable sign for her, foreshadowing a long and happy family life.
  • When a man accidentally catches a wedding bouquet, the coming marriage is prophesied to the girl who was closest to him.
  • A bride’s bouquet is not just a beautiful wedding attribute or a sign of respect. It is also an amulet that protects the bride and groom from an envious eye or an evil word.
  • In Russia, they did not always give their girlfriend a whole bouquet, limited to only one flower. In many regions, the bride was not supposed to let go of her amulet throughout the wedding ceremony, and during the feast, the flowers were placed on the table next to the bride and groom. To give a bouquet means to pass on your family happiness to a stranger.
  • The groom should not buy the flower set the day before, but directly in the morning of the wedding, and should do it personally. You need to pay for the purchase with a large bill, which involves change: so that money in the family does not finish.
  • The number of buds in the wedding bouquest (or stems, if it is a branching plant, with many flowers) should be equal to the age of the bride; in the case of an even number of years, another flower is added to the set;
  • If you want to have a bouquet from roses, then remind the florist that all the thorns should be cut off: getting wounded during the ceremony is considered a bad omen predicting quarrels between the young people;
  • It’s better not to supplement natural flowers with artificial branches: it is believed that the artificial elements of a bouquet of amulets can bring misfortune to a young family, the husband will cheat (the superstition does not apply ribbons, beads, packaging).
  • Red flowers often symbolize passion, but they can portend frequent quarrels, emotional clashes between spouses. However, in combination with white roses, the bouquet takes on a different meaning: harmony, unity, in which each spouse highly values the other.
  • Pink or cream roses speak of tender affection, fidelity, purity of feelings.
  • Orchids in a wedding bouquet are the key to great devotion and respect of a man to his wife.
  • Lilies embody hope and happiness, promise stability in family life.
  • Chrysanthemums in wedding bouquet mean intimacy, sincerity and trust between spouses.
  • In some European countries, a young wife keeps a dried bouquet for exactly a year, and on the first anniversary the flowers are burned. By the magnitude of the flame they judge the welfare of the spouses: the brighter the fire burns, the better their further life will develop.
  • The wedding bouquest that has fallen from the table or from the hands portends a difficult beginning to live together.
  • It is undesirable to transfer your wedding bouquet into someone else's hands even for a while: a sign promises a coming divorce. In extreme cases, if you need someone to hold flowers, let this be done by a married relative of the bride or by the groom.
  • A flower that was accidentally dropped from the wedding composition portends great joy to the one who found it in the near future.
Sergii Haranenko
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