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Interpretation of a dream about wedding bouquet

Seeing a dream about a wedding bouquet is a precursor of fateful acquaintance, getting married soon or harmonious relations in your couple. But some details in a dream can warn about threat for your marriage or financial problems. A dream about a beautiful flower composition seen by women predicts harmony in relations and family happiness. If a man sees a nice wedding bouquet in a dream, this means he will have a date with a woman who will impress him a lot. For a young man such plot means he will manage to get attention of the girl he likes.

A red wedding bouquet in a dream is a sign that your feelings to your partner will become deeper and more passionate. If it was composed of red roses in a dream this means that your relationship with your partner will stand the test of time.

If the bouquet consisted of bright flowers, you can be expecting inheritance, but this will not necessarily be money.

    The wedding bouquet composition can help you get detailed interpretation of the dream:
  • White roses – someone will confess that he loves you;
  • Red carnations – you will get acquainted with a military man;
  • Lilies of the valley – creative success, getting to the university;
  • Bird cherry – successful performance on stage;
  • White peonies – you will win the competition;
  • Colorful peonies – visiting some entertainment event: concert, museum, theatre;
  • Lilacs – success in everything and the feeling of happiness.

If you had a dream about a bouquet of different flowers, this means you have to be more open with your friends and colleagues. Maybe you will meet your fate on one of your friends’ parties.

According to Miller, a wedding bouquet is a symbol that your man is faithful to you. If the girl is not married yet, this means she will meet her second half soon. Arranging a flower composition for the bride predicts your future wedding. For those who do not have a suitable couple yet, the dream promises a new acquaintance; but you should avoid obsession in your behavior.

If you were choosing and buying this wedding bouquet, you will have luck, success and will have a chance to fulfill your old plans.

    Your actions with the wedding detail will give the details of the plot:
  • Catching a bouquet – you want to get married so much; you should not make your idée fix;
  • Arranging a bouquet for somebody – you will have changes in personal life;
  • Buying one – you are lacking attention of the opposite sex;
  • Holding flowers – you have harmonious relations in your couple;
  • Throwing bouquet – you will have financial difficulties.

A dream about catching a wedding bouquet for a married woman is a threat for your marriage. The same interpretation can be applied to a dream about throwing it – you will be facing divorce soon. If you have a dream that the wedding bouquet fell from your hands, this is a symbol that you have chosen a wrong direction, all your efforts will be in vain.

If a girl was catching it in a dream, but didn’t manage to, this means there will be no changes in her personal life during this year. A successful catch predicts a coming wedding.