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Interpretation of a dream about buying wedding dress

Every girl dreams about getting married and of course she is thinking about her outfit for this special day. No wonder that we sometimes buy a wedding dress in our dream: for one of us it is reminder about past events, for others – dreams about happiness.

According to Gustav Miller, if a girl bought a wedding dress in her dream, this plot will definitely become true in real life.

But you should take into account some of the nuances of the night plot: a beautiful and stylish dress means pleasant meetings, but if you see in a dream that you have purchased a tasteless or spoiled dress, then such dream can mean breaking up your relations.

If you bought an expensive luxury wedding dress in a dream this means joy and happiness are waiting for you. A dream about going to a boutique with your friend to buy a wedding dress is a symbol promising a pleasant meeting with an intelligent person.

If you were buying a wedding dress and accessories together with your friend not only for you, but for her as a maid-of-honor as well, this dream proves that you can completely trust her in real life; she will not let you down.

If you decided to buy a second-hand wedding dress, you should definitely take a better look at your chosen one, the Wanderer’s dreambook recommends. It is quite possible that you do not know the bride-to-be very well.

If you purchased a wedding outfit from your friend and you didn’t feel quite excited because of the dress, you will have a quarrel with this girl because of her envy.

If you bought a little black dress and black veil for your wedding, this is a symbol of unpleasant surprises. If your fiancée insisted that you choose such outfit, this means he will upset you, the Gypsy’s dreambook states.

If you have chosen a swimsuit for your wedding, this is a symbol of new discoveries and hobbies. If you decided to go towards altar in a bathrobe, you should be ready for whims of fate, especially if the robe was bright.

    The color of the wedding dress can give you more details of the meaning:
  • Red predicts fire in relations;
  • Pink dress means you will have tender love;
  • Black dress – bad luck or accident;
  • A white wedding outfit is a symbol of sincere feelings;
  • Bright or variegated colors promise fun.