Why you should not cry in front of the mirror: superstitions.

Why shouldn't you cry in front of a mirror according to popular beliefs? The mirror is considered a magical item. It is often used in various rituals in magic. This object connects two worlds; and it is able to absorb energy into itself, and then, when certain circumstances arise, to give it away.

There are many superstitions and omens associated with mirrors. For example, one shouldn't cry and shed tears in front of a mirror. The thing is that the consequences of this will be the most negative. They will be discussed further.

What do omens say about the consequences that a person crying in front of a mirror may face?


If a person starts crying, looking at himself in the mirror, this means he will give this object all the negative. But you shouldn't rejoice at this, because the mirror will return it back and reflect it. In this case, the return will be double, the troubles and problems in the life of the individual may increase, and they will be even more serious. In some cases, a black streak can end in tragedy, for example, the death of a loved one.

Health problems.

There is an opinion that if you cry, standing in front of the mirror, you can see all the deceased people who have ever looked into it. If this happens, then the person may lose his mind. He may develop a mild mental disorder, or schizophrenia may appear. This is true not for new mirrors made not so long ago, but for those that have a long history.

The awakening of the dark forces.

If a person cries in front of a mirror at night, then he risks awakening dark forces that are trying to penetrate this world. If a person attracts them with tears, then troubles cannot be avoided. There may be small troubles, and there will be a lot of them, and big troubles, misfortunes. The individual may begin to have health problems, he may start stuttering. His appearance can also suffer if dark forces come into contact with him.

You should not take risks and express strong emotions, being in front of the mirror. This will not allow you to correct the circumstances, get rid of sadness. But tears shed in front of the mirror can attract problems and troubles.

Look in the mirror in a good, kind mood with positive, bright emotions, and this will also be doubly reflected on you.

What is the reason behind superstitions?

Sergii Haranenko

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