A Lot Of Fish Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you see plenty of fish in a dream? If you see lots of fish in a dream, you should expect replenishment in the family. Besides that, a dream about plenty of fish in some body of water predicts unexpected positive changes in the financial sphere.

    Where did you see a lot of fish in your dream?
  • a lot of fish in the water - a large financial reward;
  • plenty of fish at the sea - useless expectation of wage increases;
  • a lot of fish in the river - receiving financial assistance from abroad;
  • a lot of fish near the shore - a rich life and loneliness;
  • plenty of fish on the shore - increasing the level of income.

If a young girl dreamed about fish, this plot may predict a wedding. For a woman, the dream may symbolize joyful events in the family.

A dream about a lot of fish in clear water may symbolize negotiations with the sponsors.

A dream about fish spawning indicates a chance to open your own successful business.

    How many fishes did you dream about?
  • shoal of fish - the successful completion of the project;
  • a bunch of fish - participating in conflicts at work, possible dismissal;
  • a flock of fish - creating a good team for the implementation of a new project;
  • plenty of fish - entering a new job with the prospect of getting high salary.
    What are the Top-5 negative dreams about a lot of fish?
  • If you dreamed of a lot of frozen fish, this means bankruptcy awaits you.
  • A large number of dead fishes in dreams speaks of depression and apathy.
  • A lot of alive fish - may predict a bad mood.
  • Cleaning dead red fish means sad news.
  • Buying it - means stagnation in business.
    What are the Top-5 positive plenty of fish dream meanings?
  • Frying a lot of small perches in a dream means meeting an ideal sexual partner.
  • Eating small perches is a sign of great joy.
  • If you dream of a large number of fish swimming in an aquarium, this means you will have a comfortable life and longevity.
  • Catching a lot of fish with a fishing rod - means a lucky coincidence.
  • A dream about a lot of colorful fishes promises an invitation to a celebration.

According to the American psychologist Miller, a large number of fish in dreams speaks of good luck in all endeavors. If you dreamed of salmon in a river, this means you will implement your ideas, which will glorify and enrich you.

According to Freud, a lot of fried fish in a dream symbolizes a large number of fans.

According to the Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga, a dream in which there are a lot of river fish promises a dangerous situation. If in a dream it goes in a shoal, this is a bad sign: the problems will not be solved.

A big catch in dreams speaks of an incredible set of circumstances that will change the dreamer's life greatly. If you put the fish in the water, the changes in fate will be positive and, most likely, you will not need to make any effort.

According to Tsvetkov, the dream of a flock of fish portends a promising future and good luck in business.

The American psychologist Loff believed that such a dream reflects the desire of a sleeping person to participate in a dangerous adventure on the water.

According to Miss Hasse, a lot of fish in a dream promises big profits - the more their scales shine and shimmer, the larger the income will be.

Sergii Haranenko
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