Fish Tank Spiritual Dream Meaning

Fish in aquarium spiritual dream meaning.

An aquarium with fish can be both a very good omen, and portend trouble. In general, dreams in which you see an aquarium with fish are considered rather positive, foreshadowing some changes in life, meetings, replenishment in the family. But it is also important what actions you take with it, whether you change the water, clean, buy, or even break it. The meaning of the interpretation will depend on which fish swam in it and what the water was. So, such a vision is really deciphered very diverse.

What does seeing fish tank symbolize in dreams? In many spiritual traditions, fish are associated with abundance and wealth. Dreaming of fish in a tank may symbolize your desire for financial or spiritual abundance.

A tank represents containment and control. Dreaming of fish in a tank might suggest that you are trying to control a situation in your life or that you feel confined in some way.

Fish are often associated with emotions in dreams. Seeing fish in a tank could indicate a need for emotional balance or a desire to protect and nurture your emotions.

Fish tanks are enclosed environments, and dreaming of them might reflect a need for introspection and self-examination. It could be a sign that you need to take a closer look at your inner world and emotions.

Some people associate fish with spirituality, as fish are often mentioned in religious texts. Dreaming of fish in a tank could be a spiritual message or a call to explore your spiritual side.

To those who saw a living fish in an aquarium in a dream, such a vision portends luck, which, according to the dream book, will not slow to come. The more active the inhabitants of the water world frolic, the greater luck awaits the dreamer.

And if the fish in the dream were of different species, this plot means that the favorable period will last a long time. If the fish were exotic, the dreamer will meet with old acquaintances and friends.

It is considered a good dream if you see goldfish in an aquarium, almost, like in a fairy tale, it promises fulfillment of all desires, but they should not contradict law and morality, such is the opinion of a dream book.

The dream of a small aquarium is not very positively interpreted by the dream book; such a vision portends a lot of minor troubles, and the collapse of all your plans.

Losses and material losses await those who saw themselves swimming in an aquarium with fish, this is the opinion of a dream book; you should save money or invest in real estate or jewelry.

Fish jumping out of the aquarium is a confirmation that a person seeks to change his environment or profession. If they strove away from clear water, change will improve your situation; if they jumped out of muddy water, it will only worsen.

The turtle or other reptiles in aquarium, according to the dream book portend intrigues plotted against the dreamer by colleagues or friends. Take a closer look at your surroundings, maybe not everyone is worthy of your trust.

If you buy aquarium yourself - it means unforeseen and unnecessary expenses, it is advised to save money, because it will be needed soon.

But, if you observe how another person buys an aquarium with fish, this person will have to waste money, or he can also lose a lot. If you recognize him, try to warn in reality from rash actions related to material waste.

If you see dead fish in an aquarium swimming in dirty water in a dream - this is a bad sign that promises trouble to the dreamer and his family. If you caused their death, not even of your own free will, you will lose your own reputation, lose your business, and your career may break. It is a fairly negative night vision.

This dream, like no other, has different interpretations depending on the dreamer's gender, and such visions are especially important for girls and women.

What is the meaning of a dream where a young girl fed fish in an aquarium? This, according to the dream book, promises her imminent marriage and pregnancy. She will get married to a very wealthy man, and pregnancy will be a joyful event for both.

But, if they swam in muddy waters, this means her hopes of a coming meeting with the bridegroom would not come true. If she breaks the aquarium in a dream, this means she will have problems at work associated with the management of the opposite sex.

A girl buying a small and original vessel for fish will soon abandon her goal or change her job. This will be a reasonable decision, because previous aspirations will turn out to be futile.

As for dreams of receiving aquarium with fish as a gift, it is considered a happy plot; but if a woman gives it, it portends an unpleasant surprise, and the dream book says that it is expected from a loved one, or even a spouse.

A cat that catches fish in an aquarium is a warning about problems, and not only the dreamer, but also his relatives, the dream books warn.

The dream of a large empty aquarium for an unmarried woman is explained by her association with it, as with the huge "cage" into which she was imprisoned, completely depriving her of the right to choose. She is protected, but deprived of the opportunity to live a familiar life.

Those who saw a lot of beautiful and exotic fish in the hours of night rest will soon have to experience many pleasant moments, and the more diverse and colorful the inhabitants of the water world are, the more beautiful future the dreamer will have.

If the lady-dreamer not only watches, but also interferes in the fish lives, changing equipment, water, pebbles - this is a warning that she should behave more modestly in reality and do exactly the opposite - she should not interfere into the personal life of others, this is unethical.

According to Miller’s dream book, an aquarium with fishes promises changes, especially if the dreamer changes water in it. A cat trying to catch one of the fish in your tank in front of your eyes is a warning of frivolity, which can cause many problems.

Freud's dream book considers an aquarium with fish to be a purely female symbol, talking about her sexuality, and sometimes about pregnancy. But, if it is empty, then a woman can be infertile.

According to the dreambooks, the interpretation of a dream about an aquarium with fish is symbolic and speaks of the dreamer's high family values.

Why does one dream of small fry in the aquarium? This is the symbol of the desire of the dreamer to have children; and if he launches adult fish into the vessel, he clearly wants to change his partner; and for couples this vision means a coming divorce.

An aquarium filled with water is often seen by those who suffer from enuresis in reality, so it is recommended to start getting rid of this disease, the dream book advises.

The New family dream book also associates this dream with women, promising ladies marriage, pregnancy, wealth in the family. Why do you dream of a dirty aquarium? The marriage, which was long-awaited for a woman, will be unhappy, and there will be no mutual understanding between the spouses.

According to the Modern dream book, cleaning an aquarium in a dream means a coming change, both in personal life and in business. Perhaps even a change of place of residence is possible.

The Eastern female dream book pays much attention to this vision, claiming that it is very important for a woman, and portends a meeting with her fiancée for lonely lady, and a coming pregnancy for a married woman.

You may also find out what other dreams predict pregnancy here.

For some people a dream about changing water in aquarium may mean a boring job that will require energy, but will not bring the desired result.

For those who cleaned and smashed an aquarium with fish, interpretation promises the troubles associated with gossip that your ill-wishers are spreading. Be vigilant, and try not to trust your secrets and thoughts to unfamiliar people.

If you observe that someone admires the fish tank, you will soon meet this person, and communication will be rather unpleasant, he will leave a negative impression.

What are the Top-5 negative dream meanings of fish tank?

  • A round aquarium in dreams means stagnation in business.
  • Small aquarium - is a sign of poverty.
  • Empty fish tank - speaks of possible dismissal.
  • Swimming in an aquarium in a dream warns of an accident.
  • Changing the water in the tank means an unpleasant surprise.

Here are the Top-5 positive aquarium dream meanings.

  • An aquarium with soil is a dream of an increase in social status.
  • Dreaming about a tank with algae - is a symbol of wealth.
  • Aquarium with a waterfall - promises a long-awaited rest.
  • Buying an aquarium - predicts appearance of a faithful friend.
  • Carrying a tank - means gaining valuable experience.

The dreambooks give brief interpretations depending on who was in the tank in your dream.

  • shark in a tank- an open conflict with the enemy;
  • crucian carps in aquarium - the emergence of an additional source of income;
  • fry in aquarium - fulfillment of a dream;
  • aquarium with a snake - betrayal by a friend;
  • crocodile in a tank - sign of deception;
  • rats in aquarium - means bad news;
  • frog in aquarium - warns of meeting a hypocritical person;
  • aquarium with snails - means receiving a bonus;
  • turtles in aquarium - intrigue from colleagues.

How did the tank look in your dream?

  • dirty aquarium - a quarrel with family members;
  • cracked aquarium - temporary separation from a loved one;
  • broken aquarium - loneliness;
  • huge aquarium - financial well-being;
  • clean aquarium - predicts a period of luck;
  • aquarium upside down - making a mistake.
Sergii Haranenko
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