Fish Swimming Meaning

The dreambooks consider that a dream about swimming fish is a prediction of will lead to the replenishment of the family. It is quite possible that you will become parents soon. If there were two fish swimming in your dream, you can be expecting twins. The main thing is that such plot predicts easy labor and healthy babies.

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If you felt danger from fish in your dream (if you saw toothy piranha fish, for example), you should be careful on the streets. In real life, someone will try to rob you or drag you into a dubious company, which will lead to loss of property.

The fish in the jar seen in a dream symbolizes the secret feelings in your soul that are trying to find a way out. The dreambooks recommend spending some time sorting out your emotional state and real wishes. Attempts to close eyes on problems will lead to nervous diseases.

Flying fish seen in a dream predicts spiritual growth that is necessary for feeling happy. Some dreambooks associate this plot with health problems and advise seeing a doctor in order not to waste time with a disease and start the treatment.

A lake with fish is considered to bring luck in business sphere. Now is the best time for signing trade contracts and other agreements.

Dying fish with worms in a dream foreshadows a disease that will require a long time and means to recover. But you should not be afraid, because the disease will recede, if you do not delay with a visit to the doctor.

A talking goldfish predicts a long-distance journey to exotic countries. You will get a chance to sunbathe and swim in the sea. Besides that you will get acquainted with an interesting person, with whom you will continue communicating at home. You shouldn’t be worried about the cost of the trip, because it will be not on your own cost: you may win the lottery or get the trip as a gift.

A pool with fish seen in a dream predicts a sudden meeting with relatives whom you haven’t seen for a long time. It will provide an opportunity to find out the accumulated family issues that need to be sorted out.

Sergii Haranenko
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