Airplane In The Sky Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about a plane in the sky? Planes in the sky can be seen in a dream as a warning about coming problems or predict advancement in creativity. A falling airplane means that someone’s interference will change the usual tide of your life.

    What are the top-5 positive interpretations of dreaming about a flying plane?
  • Seeing a flying plane is a sign of a dream come true.
  • An aircraft hovering in a cloudless sky predicts a happy life.
  • Making a circle over the airport means participating in a profitable project.
  • To fly a plane and collide with another airliner – is a symbol of meeting your future husband / wife.
  • If you dreamed that the plane exploded in the sky, this image predicts some vivid impression.
    Top-5 brief negative interpretations of seeing a plane fly in the sky:
  • A plane crash in a dream means real problems.
  • Thunderstorms and turbulence during the flight promise trouble.
  • Military equipment, bombing from an airplane portends danger.
  • A crashed plane in the sky predicts an unpleasant meeting with your former partner.
  • Burning plane - means insult from relatives.
    According to Miller's dream book, a plane flying in the sky means that:
  • it's a good time to start or promote a business;
  • the hired worker will be promoted;
  • the unemployed will get the long-awaited position.

A war in which planes bomb a city in a dream speaks of an unexpected event.

For men seeing a lot of planes in the sky is a warning that being overly interested in girls will bring trouble soon. If a woman sees many airplanes flying, this sign predicts success at work.

For pregnant women, a dream with military equipment predicts the birth of a boy.

Here are some other signs and omens that can help you predict the gender of the future baby.

Flying planes, according to Freud, mean that the dreamer is too immersed in his dreams. It is worth returning to reality and implementing your plans. If the plane flew low over your head, this is a sign of a new idea or inspiration. Looking at several flying planes means fear for your future.

Freud thought that man can have such a dream if there are problems because of stress in an intimate life.

    Vanga interprets the dream of flying planes as follows:
  • if it flew overhead - it means troubles that can be avoided;
  • a landed plane means that someone from your environment interferes with you in reality;
  • an aviation crash speaks of a difficult situation that will require willpower and fortitude;
  • to see an airplane flying in the sky from afar - means the fulfillment of a long-awaited desire;
  • a large number of fighter planes in a dream speak of radical change in life.

According to Tsvetkov, airplanes in the sky in a dream predict coming fulfillment of your desire.

The bombing of the aircraft predicts dire news.

According to Loff, a person who sees an airplane in a dream hides his fears and escapes difficulties.

If a woman dreams about complex figures made by an airship, this plot predicts difficulties at work.

Miss Hasse thought that a flying plane in a dream is a warning that you need to finish an old business faster; otherwise a new successful idea will not be implemented.

According to Nostradamus, if you dream about a plane flying into space, this is a sign that you are being far from reality.

According to Meneghetty, a flying plane in a dream means that in reality the dreamer is tormented by obsessive memories of a situation to which he had some relation.

Sergii Haranenko
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