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Airplane Crash Dream Meaning

What is the plane crash dream meaning and symbolism? Airplane crash leaves very few chances to survive for those who are on board. If this frightening event took place in your dream, dreambooks recommend to pay attention on it. Anything that is somehow related to a crash or accident is associated with danger. The dream interpretation suggests that the danger can come not only from outside, this dream can also be a reflection of your inner state at the moment, the person can become an enemy to himself. Maybe now is the right time to try to understand your emotions and eliminate negative behaviour from your life.

The person who has plane crash dream should be prepared for unexpected circumstances. Everything can go absolutely not as planned and you will have to make immediate decisions to avoid losses. You have to be prepared you have no one to rely on.

Some dreams interpretations suggest more optimistic explanation: if you happened to be in an airplane crash in your dream, nothing like this will happen in reality. You managed to avoid some kind of accident or undesired revealing.

Did you dream of plane crash and got out safe and sound? If you were in an airplane crash but managed to survive this dream is interpreted as your rich experience to find the way out of quite difficult situations and shows your inventiveness.

According to Miller’s dreambook this dream reminds that your difficulties are temporary. You can fix both relations problems as well as financial ones.

The Italian Menegetti’s dreambook considers that if you survived in a plane crash in your dream this can show your inclination for suicide or murder which can be so deep that you have no suspicions about it.

Modern dreambook shows more optimistic meaning of the dream: any dream about plane crash or other accident will bring life changes that you needed so much. This dream calls you to start guide your life. Only taking the situation under your control you will be able to fix everything.

Some dreambooks think that if you often see crashes or accidents in your dreams this means that you have aggressive tendencies and are sometimes into conflicts.

What do dreams about plane crash symbolize? Freud considers that airplane crash in one’s dream can bring problems into your intimate life and family problems as a result.

Sergii Haranenko

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