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Airplane Crash Dream Meaning

What is the plane crash dream meaning and symbolism? Airplane crash leaves very few chances to survive for those who are on board. If this frightening event took place in your dream, dreambooks recommend to pay attention on it.

Anything that is somehow related to a crash or accident is associated with danger. The dream interpretation suggests that the danger can come not only from outside, this dream can also be a reflection of your inner state at the moment, the person can become an enemy to himself. Maybe now is the right time to try to understand your emotions and eliminate negative behaviour from your life.

The person who has plane crash dream should be prepared for unexpected circumstances. Everything can go absolutely not as planned and you will have to make immediate decisions to avoid losses. You have to be prepared you have no one to rely on.

A dream of plane crashing in front of you predicts someone's interference the result of which will be changes in your personal life. Being the participant of a plane crash with a big number of victims is a warning that the dreamer may have to survive the loss of a loved one or an accident.

Some dreams interpretations suggest more optimistic explanation: if you happened to be in an airplane crash in your dream, nothing like this will happen in reality. You managed to avoid some kind of accident or undesired revealing.

Did you dream of plane crash and got out safe and sound? If you were in an airplane crash but managed to survive this dream is interpreted as your rich experience to find the way out of quite difficult situations and shows your inventiveness.

According to Miller’s dreambook this dream reminds that your difficulties are temporary. You can fix both relations problems as well as financial ones.

The Italian Menegetti’s dreambook considers that if you survived in a plane crash in your dream this can show your inclination for suicide or murder which can be so deep that you have no suspicions about it.

Modern dreambook shows more optimistic meaning of the dream: any dream about plane crash or other accident will bring life changes that you needed so much. This dream calls you to start guide your life. Only taking the situation under your control you will be able to fix everything.

Some dreambooks think that if you often see crashes or accidents in your dreams this means that you have aggressive tendencies and are sometimes into conflicts.

What do dreams about plane crash symbolize? Freud considers that airplane crash in one’s dream can bring problems into your intimate life and family problems as a result.

    What are the Top-5 negative dreams of plane crash?
  • Hearing a plane crash, or seeing it personally in a dream warns of an unfavorable event that will temporarily make it impossible to do your job.
  • If your loved ones were injured in a plane crash - a dream can mean shifting responsibility to them in reality. The vision tells the dreamer that such behavior will have negative consequences: financial losses, discord within the family.
  • To see how a large liner crashes, in which everyone survived - this dream speaks of gossip in the work team.
  • Watching how the plane crashes and seeing dead people means facing the betrayal of a partner.
  • If you dreamed that the plane fell and exploded, this is a warning of possible dismissal due to a scandal with the boss.

    Here are the Top-5 positive plane crash dreams:
  • If there was a plane crash, but none of the passengers were injured - a dream predicts a way out of a difficult situation with the help of a non-standard solution.
  • Getting accidentally behind the wheel of a falling Boeing and preventing a plane crash - means overcoming obstacles with one's own efforts. It will help the dreamer gain wisdom and patience.
  • Jumping out of a burning plane and surviving means gaining success.
  • If you dreamed that the plane was falling from great height, this is a symbol of a bold act
  • .
  • If the pilot ejected with a parachute during a plane crash, this means strengthening one's authority at work and in the family.

    Here are the Top-5 neutral dreams about plane crash:
  • If you dreamed of a plane crash with your participation - the image indicates a lack of support from a loved one.
  • If you regularly dream of plane crash and surviving means living in a state of fear in reality. It can be dealt with by seeking support from loved ones or a psychologist.
  • A plane crash in the sleeper's hometown (or near his house) indicates a person's tendency to become depressed.
  • If you dreamed that people were falling from a plane burning in the sky, this dream is about worries about the health of your loved ones.
  • Seeing in a dream how a wing fell off an airplane in the air - predicts appearance of additional duties at work.

Miller considered a dream about a plane crash in which you survive to be a prediction of a way out of the crisis and solving material problems.

    Other interpretations of what a plane crash symbolizes in dreams by Miller:
  • crashing on the ground - difficulties on the way to the goal;
  • looking at your dead relatives - the need for advanced training;
  • watching the plane fall from the side - well-being.

    According to Freud, the plane symbolizes a person's life, his sense of self:
  • beautiful airplane - self-confidence, satisfaction;
  • a trace from a big plane - fear of betrayal by a partner;
  • plane crash without victims - inner fear;
  • a plane crash with your relatives on board - anxiety for loved ones in reality.

According to Freud, if a person often dreams of a falling plane, this means intimate problems await him, which will end in the departure of a partner.

According to Vanga's interpretation, a plane crash may indicate aggression and anger that the sleeper takes out on his loved ones. Such behavior will end in divorce and deterioration of relations with relatives.

If the sleeper examines other passengers during the crash, the dream signals the close attention of a friend who cannot be trusted in reality.

If you dreamed that you managed to avoid an unsuccessful flight, this is a sign of indecision and fear of change. Watching the crash of the liner on takeoff - is a sign of unrealizable desires.

Loff deciphered the absence of fear during a plane crash in a dream as a sign of an easy overcoming of the sleeping person's age crisis. Hasse considered dreams of catastrophes to be prototypes of the dreamer's internal anxiety, which is caused by obsessive thoughts of betrayal.

Nostradamus deciphered the fall during the flight as obstacles that will arise when trying to change the usual way of life. Overcoming them will require determination and perseverance.

An Italian psychologist Meneghetty interpreted the image of a plane crash as subconscious desire to commit suicide. A dream can be a signal to the sleeper about the need to engage in introspection to overcome depression.

A fall on an airplane, according to the interpretation of the Islamic dream book, means the humiliation of a person, followed by the satisfaction of one's ambitions. If the passengers died, the dream may be a signal of the approach of retribution for the sins committed in the past.

    The white magician Longo deciphered the dream with the plane crash as spiritual development, liberation from false attitudes and complexes.
  • watching the plane crash into a mountain - means missing important details;
  • seeing a strong blow to the ground - means development, a new stage in life;
  • looking at a plane crash in which no one was hurt is a sign of failure;
  • to die during the plane crash - predicts a long period of well-being;
  • to find out that many people died in a plane crash - relatives have problems;
  • plane hitting the water - means failure, dismissal;
  • sleeping on board of a burning plane is an unjustified risk.

Sergii Haranenko

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