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Interpretation of a dream about ants

Ants have a complex social organization, they bring both benefit and harm. Among the interpretations of the image dream books do not show unanimity, but almost always these insects do not reflect the enemy or friend, but the dreamer himself.

If ants were seen by a man, absorbed in work, first of all, they personify hard work. Secondly, they remind that the strength is in the team. Dream interpretation predict that relying on like-minded people and delegating them some responsibilities, you can become more productive. This is especially true of those who are engaged in the sector of the economy.

Ants seen in a dream do not promise easy money. What you achieve will be earned by tireless work.

If you saw an ant that pulls a heavy straw into the apartment, the dreambooks predict new purchases. If it froze or was crawling aimlessly on the floor, this image is a warning about poverty.

If you saw a small fearless ant in a dream, this can be a symbol of feeling the opposition to a powerful enemy. Crushing an ant predicts defeat. Huge ants mean fighting the obstacles of physical nature. Perhaps with natural disasters.

Ants know where to bite in order to cure. In a dream, they point to the place where the disease originates. If the ants bit your head in a dream, you need to check the blood vessels and pressure, arm or leg - joint apparatus may not in order. If you saw bites on your skin in a dream, then it makes sense to check with a dermatologist or allergist.

Killing an ant or seeing a dead insect on the floor means you should be ready to waste money for treatment.

Miller’s dreambook warns of an impending lane of bad luck. Misunderstandings on insignificant reasons can shake even a strong psyche. In a dream, a person receives an impetus to reflect on the real state of affairs and find the true cause of discontent. It is believed that it lies within the person, and not in external circumstances.

Besides that Miller considers ants the symbol of disappointment. Especially if it turned out that the ant is able to fly - in this case we are talking about dissatisfaction with business partners.

    Dream details can help you get better interpretation:
  • Ants are climbing into your nose – your life is in danger.
  • Crawling through the hair - the direction to spiritual development.
  • They ran into your bed - solving problems in your personal life.
  • They live in bed - quarrelsome situation at work.
  • Ants made the trail into the closet with food - winning the tender.
  • Plenty of small domestic ants - successful acquisitions.
  • Ants ate all the sweet in stock - you will get a bonus.

Yellow or rufous ants foreshadow a long trip. Red ones predict a hangover - the main thing here is that the reason was good. Black ants personifies bore. If there is such a person in the environment, then he will have a period of activity.

If ants carry eggs into a house, a Muslim dreambook predicts the purchase of property. If you dreamed of many ants scurrying around under your feet, they symbolize the fussing of small children.