Leeches Dream Meaning

Leeches in a dream often have a negative characteristic, and are an indicator of the attitude of people to a sleeping person and the influence of his own habits on him.

Interpretation of dreams about leeches is rather ambiguously represented in the dream books. According to the description provided by the dreambook of Hasse, one should not take on debt obligations or money at interest in the near future, because the cunning creditors will not miss any chance of theirs. To see these parasites very fatty and huge - to tangible financial losses, you should beware of scammers in real time.

The leeches on the body characterize the unpleasant and difficult situation in which the dreamer falls. In order to find out in more detail what the leeches mean in a dream, you need to remember on which part of the body the worm was sitting.

Leeches on the hands in a dream, indicate a moderate complication of the situation by a person who wants to annoy the dreamer a lot. It is possible that the enemy will be the person whom the dreamer trusted completely.

Leeches on the legs characterize the stalemate in which a person gets through no fault of his own. Leaving or avoiding problems will not work, so you need to gather strength and to meet and withstand all the troubles with dignity.

If in a dream, the leech attempted to cling to the person, but he managed to take the parasite off, it means that there are obstacles and troubles waiting for you on each step, which can be avoided. If it was not possible to tear off the sucked bloodsucker, this means there will be a very difficult period in life. One must be very vigilant, because the enemy does not sleep, and watches the dreamer from far away; any miscalculation is the joy to your enemy.

The dreambooks interpreting a leech clinging to the woman’s own body as coming pregnancy. However, only if the young lady is waiting for and wants a baby. For men, such a vision can be a sign of an ardent reluctance to have children, because the birth of a child will focus on the baby, and the man does not want "competition".

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The deterioration of health and bad state of health of a person or people from your close surroundings, that's what dreams in which you have to use leeches for medical purposes mean.

To dream of leeches that are large in size, shiny and mobile, foreshadows the danger by a dream book. Many bloodsuckers show the physical and moral fatigue of the dreamer who is tired of struggling with envy, intrigue, greed and stupidity of those around him.

Eating leeches - to improve health, to catch them - to consciously set footboards for those who are unpleasant to you.

To dream of leeches swimming in a reservoir, the dream book interprets as fighting with temptation, which is likely to be lost. The emergence of an unpleasant situation, as a result of which you will have to “give a helping hand” to your longtime enemy, is what the dead leech dreams about.

Sergii Haranenko
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