Getting Rid Of Insects Dream Meaning

If you had to kill insects in your dream, your real troubles will end-up with worries only. Bugs and roaches are usually reflecting the dreamer’s fears, worries and bad thoughts. In general killing insects means coping with your negative thoughts and problems. There is also an explanation that you may have unconscious dislike of your own children. Crashing bugs in your dream means that you are trying to avoid responsibility or some assignments. If you had to catch the parasites it means you are wasting your time in vain. If you had to crash insects in your dream, it means that you will have small victories over your competitors or enemies but this will not have any significant influence on the final result.

    A dream about pushing a bug a little warns you about small money loss. The dream also states that some business will need your full attention and concentration. If you were trying to poison crowds of insects, this dream predicts that the trouble you will have will be on your fault. According to Miller, it is good to see dead bugs killed by you. But if they didn’t die you can be expecting small troubles. Depending on the kind of insects you were fighting with, you can find an explanation of your dream:
  • crawling insects - illness, serious problems with health
  • flying insects - financial problems, plans not fulfilled
  • swimming - joy and luck
  • blood sucking - loss of money, power and energy.

Killing moth in a dream means you will have to protect your dignity. Crashing bugs can bring good news. Killing bedbugs predicts small health problems or small trauma. Hitting mosquitoes indicates you will have peace at home only after you deal with small misunderstandings. If you killed a butterfly by accident you should be prepared to betrayal in love. Killing ants means you will do something in real life you will be paying for for a long time.

Why people say that you should not kill spiders? Omens and superstitions about spiders.

Sergii Haranenko
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