Ash Dream Meaning

At least once in a lifetime, each person saw ashes in a dream. Some saw a burned down house, others - an extinguished hearth. Dream books of different countries and peoples interpreted such dreams in their own way. For the Hindus, ash means rebirth, reincarnation, for the African tribes - the loss of vitality and spiritual cleansing. We propose to find out why ash is seen in a dream in your case.

The ash in the hearth in a dream is a symbol of faded feelings. It is a harbinger of disappointment, a sign that the past cannot be returned.

Seeing ashes in a dream for parents promises worries about the frivolous actions of their children.

Raking out burnt ash from a faded fireplace – is a sign that you will feel unwell, but it can also be a symbol of the extinction of love for a partner and a break in relations. Perhaps a compromise should be sought.

If in a dream you see fire that burns out and leaves ashes on the wood, it means that in your soul you have nostalgia for the past time.

According to the Gypsy dream book, the ashes seen in a dream mean unbearable burden of work that you have taken upon yourself.

The Spring dream book believes that ashes can be seen in a dream of gardeners or farmers as a sign of bad harvest or its loss. If you dream that you swept it out and scattered it around the garden - expect a rich harvest.

If the ashes fall to the floor in a dream, and you walk on it, this means you cherish vain dreams and expectations.

If you dreamed that you were scattering the dust of a burnt cigarette on the wind – this means you are trying to forget some unpleasant moments of your life.

If you are a trader and you dreamed that you were throwing cigarette ash on the floor - be careful in your craft, you may face a bad deal or cheating on the part of suppliers. If you fall into cigarette dust, this means new business partners will appear.

Ashes from the butt fell on your head in a dream – is a sign you should visit a sick friend, he is offended that you forgot about him.

Seeing in a dream that you are eating the ashes from cigarettes – is a sign of coming receipt of large profits - you will have increased salary or given a bonus.

Cigarette dust fell from the sky on a friend's head – this dream means that you will have to part with this person for some time.

If dreamed that you were knocking the ash into an ashtray given to you - wait for a change for the better. In contrast, a full ashtray of cigarette butts symbolizes mess of thoughts and chaos in your head. Pull yourself together, and everything will turn out to be a good outcome.

If you dreamed of volcanic ash falling from the sky - expect some social troubles. Perhaps you will quarrel with one of your neighbors, colleagues, or an unpleasant incident will happen in public place. Be prepared for this and try not to be led by emotions.

Seeing in a dream how the dusty mass of an erupting volcano falls from the sky on your head means receiving an inheritance, winning, perhaps you will find something valuable and expensive. This prediction is especially true if you found a coin in reality at the site of the fire.

Dreaming about the ashes of a city burnt out by a volcano is a sign that you tend to exaggerate your minor problems and troubles. Reconsider your outlook on life, stop keeping track of grudges and worrying about minor defeats, and life will change for the better.

Sergii Haranenko
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