Cigarettes Dream Meaning

Such bad habit in real life as smoking cigarettes has a number of implications on spiritual level. Some dreambooks consider images of cigarettes in a dream as a chance to have a rest in a good company; others take it as a sign of being tired and dependent. Heavy smokers who are trying to quit can see dreams about smoking a cigarette as a sign of their struggle; such dream means they will overcome their addiction.

Seeing a pack of cigarettes in a dream indicates the appearance of temptations in your life. If there was only one cigarette in the pack, this dream means you will get not what you were counting for. If you gave your last cigarette to another person, this image indicates an opportunity to make the right choice.

According to Vanga, a broken or smoked cigarette warns you about danger of influence of other people that can lead to false replacement of values. Seeing smoke from a cigarette represents difficulties in communicating with people. If you were suffering from smoke in a room, this plot shows your inability to handle the current situation on your own.

Some dreams about smoking a cigarette can be a signal of problems with respiratory system and oral diseases. Another interpretation of a dream about smoking a cigarette is the dreamer’s wrong opinion about somebody. If you gave your companion a lit cigarette this image means that you will soon have common interests with this person. If you lit a cigarette yourself in a dream, this means planning a profitable and risky enterprise.

If you saw somebody smoke a cigarette in a dream, this image can indicate that you have reconciliation with this person, Miller thinks. If you saw an unknown smoking person, this dream is a promise of new connections.

Buying cigarettes shows your wish to learn something new. Buying cigarettes and giving them to someone else shows your need to sacrifice your own goals because of someone’s plans. Buying cigarettes and throwing them away shows that you will be able to use your chances wisely.

Putting out a cigarette yourself means you will worry because of some bad news; if it went out itself, you will be disappointed in your old acquaintances. If you had to sell cigarettes in your dream, this image shows that you are a respected person and have authority among a definite group of people. If someone treats you with a cigarette in a dream, this is a sign of lies and deceit. A dream about making cigarettes on your own means that your work doesn’t bring you moral satisfaction.

Dr. Freud implied that a cigarette is a symbol of men’s genitals; smoking it means that the dreamer is ready for sex. If the cigarette was broken, there will be problems with erection. A cigarette butt means that the young man is worried about the size of his penis. A cigarette pack represents women’s genitals, according to Freud. If it was empty, this can indicate problems with urinary system.

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