Aunt Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you see your aunt in a dream? When you dream of your aunt, this means the opportunity to implement your talents at work or overcoming obstacles on the way to your goal. Besides that, such a dream predicts a family holiday.

If you have not seen your aunt for a long time, and she came to you in a dream, the dream book considers this dream a symbolic sign. The details of night dreams will help you figure out what a relative means in dreams in a particular case.

If you dreamed of your own aunt, expect guests soon. If she is sad, the dream book interprets the vision as a harbinger of the imminent death of a distant relative. If she is cheerful and careless, this means that the dreamer will face minor troubles that will be resolved very quickly in reality.

Just watching an aunt in a dream - means gossip, grief or troubles associated with the family. If she swears and argues, the dream book connects this with upcoming family scandals. If you dreamed that your uncle was behaving in a similar way, this is a sign that the sleeping person will face a divorce process in reality.

Particular importance should be given to the dreamer's gender. For example, why does a young girl have such a dream? Probably, in reality she will be condemned for some misconduct. If the aunt is pregnant and came to the man’s dream, in the real world he will have to be very surprised.

In general, a pregnant aunt, according to the traditional interpretation, can be seen in a dream before a miracle or a surprise. But whether it will be good or bad depends on the facial expression and behavior of the night guest.

If in a dream your own aunt was drunk, the dream book has a very original interpretation on this account. Probably, the dreamer will accidentally be initiated into someone else's secret. For a woman, the appearance of a drunken aunt is a sign hinting that she has been drinking too much lately.

    The dreambooks give brief interpretations depending on the plot details:
  • dream of your aunt in the hospital - means poor health.
  • aunt in a white sweater - means the end of the period of failures;
  • aunt in a wedding dress - promises falling in love soon;
  • aunt in a black scarf - symbolizes an event with negative consequences.
  • dream of great aunt - good news;
  • dead aunt - means bereavement;
  • seeing your aunt young - means getting rid of disturbing thoughts;
  • your own aunt - means career advancement.
  • seeing your aunt dancing - means having fun with friends;
  • aunt gives money to a child - means income increase;
  • aunt calling someone - the need to pay more attention to loved ones;
  • aunt smoking - the emergence of a bad habit;
  • seeing your aunt hugging a man - a romantic acquaintance;
  • aunt giving birth in a dream - means replenishment in the family;
  • aunt cries in a dream - means difficulties in business;
  • aunt scolding a girl - grudge against your relatives;
  • treats children with sweets - means luck in business;
  • aunt washes floors - sign of moral and physical fatigue;
  • aunt sitting on the car - the long-awaited acquisition.

Often in a dream you can see your deceased aunt. But only her behavior and minor details will help determine exactly what this dream is about.

If the late relative was silent and detached, then you can expect rain or snow tomorrow. If the deceased aunt said something, it is necessary to remember her words as accurately as possible. The dream interpretation considers this dream as a prophetic one.

In general, when you see a deceased aunt or any other loved one in a dream, you should not be scared. After all, even after leaving this world, they often look after us, giving quite understandable signs.

And if in the morning you woke up in good mood, and in a dream you did not experience negative emotions, then it is easy to guess why the deceased came to you. In the real world, everything will turn out just fine, even if things were not going very well before that.

It is even better if you dreamed that you received something from the deceased as a gift. The dream book believes that the positive meaning of the dream increases in this case.

But giving away, putting things in the coffin of a deceased aunt, walking with her or answering her call are very bad signs. After such dreams, you should exercise maximum caution and take care of your health.

The dream book interprets a dream in which you saw a dead aunt swear and scandal the same way. This is a clear sign of impending danger.

Sometimes in night dreams you can see completely unrealistic visions. For example, why do you dream that the dead aunt suddenly turned out to be alive? As for this plot, the dream book has two opinions.

In one case, this may be a warning of big problems and troubles. According to the second interpretation, a dead person can appear in your dream if she does not have peace in the next world. It is necessary to pray for the soul of your own aunt and remember her by distributing sweets to children.

If you dreamed that a living relative (aunt) died, you should not be sad. The dream book considers such visions to be shifting dreams. So, in reality, your aunt is expected to have a long life, or at least excellent health.

If a living aunt died in night dreams, but you did not experience the feeling of loss, this means everything will be fine with her.

    What are the Top-5 adverse aunt dream meanings?
  • A silent aunt in a dream speaks of dissatisfaction with oneself.
  • If your aunt was very talkative – this means intrigues in the team.
  • Hitting an aunt means a problem due to the inability to control your emotions.
  • Asking her for a loan - indicated a worsening financial situation.
  • If you dreamed that your aunt was sick, this means deception by loved ones.
    Here are the Top-5 auspicious dreams about aunt:
  • Aunt in the garden in dreams means happiness and tranquility.
  • Seeing your aunt at your home – means success in all endeavors.
  • Holding your aunt by the hand – symbolizes respect and recognition in society.
  • Hugging her is a sign of a pleasant surprise.
  • If you dreamed that your aunt was asking for forgiveness, this means resolving a long-standing conflict.
Sergii Haranenko
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