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Bald Spot Dream Meaning

What does bald patch mean in a dream? According to the dream book, baldness on your head in a dream portends some seeming benefits. The dream of a bald spot also promises losses, troubles, useless efforts, conflicts with friends. But sometimes the meaning of such dreams is favorable: a prosperous family life is ahead.

This vision foreshadows the dreamer of failure in business and loss. It is necessary to avoid adventurous affairs, no matter how profitable they may seem.

A bald spot in the hair in a dream also warns of a breakdown and even an incipient illness, says the dream book. You should take care of your health.

Why do you dream of baldness on your head? This is an instruction: additional measures must be taken; otherwise the planned projects will not be implemented.

    Remember who had bald spot in your dream:
  • a relative - he will get into trouble;
  • an acquaintance - a profitable offer will actually turn out to be unprofitable;
  • you had a bald patch - you will receive an inheritance that will bring more trouble than profit;
  • a stranger - beware of a dangerous acquaintance.

Beware of scams and financial complications. To see someone’s bald patch on his head in a dream means: scammers will want to cheat you. Be careful and don't trust everyone.

If the bald patch was above the forehead, the dream book warns: things will not go as planned, so the dreamer will not achieve the result he expected.

Was there a bald patch on the back of your head in a dream? There will be great difficulties in the material issues, you can go bankrupt.

Why does a woman dream of an unfamiliar man with a bald spot on his head? The dream interpretation prompts: she will soon receive a marriage proposal. However, the partner will be insincere, so you should not dream of great happiness.

And if you dreamed of baldness on a baby's head, this is an excellent omen. You can expect family life in abundance, joy and mutual understanding.

If the bald spot was cut by a hairdresser in a dream, there is a pleasant meeting ahead with a continuation. A new acquaintance can influence your career.

To see yourself with bald spots in a dream – means problems will arise in the personal sphere in reality. It is currently difficult to start a family.

Have you met a man who has baldness on the very top of his head? The dream interpretation explains: an unfortunate loss is ahead.

If in a dream the bald spot was covered by a strand of hair, this means all your attempts to complete your plan in reality will be useless.

Why dream of a small bald spot on your head? The dream book says: you often show cowardice and too much softness. This will interfere with your plan.

Does a friend who does not suffer from such problems have a bald spot in your dream? This dream means you will quarrel, conflict with him. Try not to ruin the relationship completely.

In a night dream, did a young man saw a bald woman before the wedding? This dream is a sign that he marries a grumpy girl who will make his life impossible.

Watching how a small bald patch on your head increases gradually is a harbinger of unpleasant discoveries. The dreamer will understand that he is not doing what he should.

Sergii Haranenko

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