Banging On The Door Dream Meaning

What it means if there was a bang on your door in a dream? If you dreamed that they were pounding at your door, do not be alarmed. Most likely, a dream means that someone will try to have a showdown with you. To see robbers, raiders in a dream is always good. Dreaming of hiding in your own house is described by modern dream books quite intriguingly.

Western psychologists guarantee the receipt of gifts, generous gifts, financial donations, if you dreamed that unfamiliar men were banging on the door. However, large cash receipts will be on your account only if you first work well for the good of society.

    Explaining what the bandits or thieves trying to get into the room mean, Miller's dream book advises recalling some details of the behavior of the dreamer himself at the time of the attack on the door:
  • being afraid and hiding from someone banging on the door - means receiving an inheritance, a fee;
  • defending yourself from door bangs - symbolizes attack from numerous admirers;
  • running away from the sound of banging on your door - means luck, win;
  • waiting for the door bang, or setting the table - predicts victory in court.

Seeing robbers pounding on the door, trying to stop them in a dream – is a symbol of attention from the opposite sex. Both for a man and a woman, a dream means hectic sex life. It's great if you dreamed that you managed to scare the robbers away.

The intrusiveness of admirers, an excess of attention from former partners, forgotten lovers – this is exactly what thieves climbing into a doorway mean in a dream. If you happen to see weapon in a dream at the same time, get ready for a long showdown, declarations of love, a new round of high, and most importantly, mutual feelings.

Dream interpretation of Tsvetkov reduces the interpretation of a dream to surprises from relatives, loved ones, friends, work colleagues. For a man, a dream about banging on the door is a symbol of good earnings. Wait for income where you have already despaired of getting it, if you dreamed that you happened to hide and be afraid of people who tried to break into the house.

The dream book of Nostradamus gives similar interpretations, describing what the gangsters pounding and breaking into the door mean. It turns out that running away from them in a dream means an opportunity to hit a big jackpot, get a long-awaited order, or find jewelry, treasure.

According to Vanga's dream book, meeting uninvited guests at your door means winning an old court case. Issues of inheritance, division of property will certainly be considered in your favor if you happen to see the criminal on the threshold of your own apartment.

Treating raiders with pies, offering them tea or coffee - means positive changes in social life. Colleagues will take on a number of your responsibilities and help you complete a large amount of work in a short time if best friends and acquaintances are pounding at the door in a dream.

Sergii Haranenko
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