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Forced Door Dream Meaning

A forced door in a dream symbolizes a period of quarrels or warns about a possible accident. Besides that, such a dream may predict improving of family relations.

If someone broke into your apartment in a dream, this plot indicates the risk of losing all your property.

If there was an attempt to force the door and break into your house, this image may be a sign of an unpleasant conversation.

If someone tried to break down another person’s door, this dream warns about communication with a hypocritical person.

    What are the Top-5 negative dreams about forced doors?
  • 1. Breaking into the apartment of your neighbors and stealing something from there predicts litigation.
  • 2. Forcing a metal door - symbolizes failure in business.
  • 3. Breaking down a wooden door - means sexual dissatisfaction.
  • 4. If you dreamed that your friends broke down the door, this means a quarrel with them.
  • 5. Children breaking some door in a dream - means performing a low-paid work.

    What are the Top-5 positive dreams about a door broken down?
  • 1. An open broken door in dreams symbolizes a speedy recovery.
  • 2. A forced door that is closed - symbolizes victory over competitors.
  • 3. Dream of a forced door of the store - means the successful resolution of the conflict.
  • 4. Forcing the bank door in a dream - means improving the financial situation.
  • 5. To see how they break into an apartment and try to catch burglars predicts buying your own home.

According to Miller, such a dream portends the need to defend one's point of view.

    Other interpretations by Miller:
  • the broken door of the parental apartment speaks of difficulties in communicating with others;
  • a forced store door - means losing a large amount;
  • an office door broken down - warns of the risk of becoming a victim of fraudsters;
  • if a man dreamed that someone has jailbroken the lock and stolen your belongings, you may lose money or phone in waking life.

Sigmund Freud believed that a dream of a cracked door could speak of gossip in the work team.

According to Vanga, such a dream is a symbol of difficulties in business and negative changes in life. If a broken door constantly appears in your dream, this means the need to make a choice between family and career.

Sergii Haranenko

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