Beloved Man With Another Woman Dream Meaning

Did you see your partner with another girl in a dream? The dream interpretation calls such a plot a foreshadowing of cooling feelings, his betrayal or difficulties in relationships. But a dream vision tells you: you need to change something to strengthen the bond between you. Details will help understand what the plot is about.

    Remember how exactly they were seen in your dream:
  • hugging - do not trust your man;
  • kissing - parting is possible;
  • having sex - fear of losing your beloved;
  • getting married - there are big doubts about the sincerity of feelings of your boyfriend.

Why do you dream that your boyfriend cheated on you? This means you have to be on your guard – people can abuse dreamer’s trust, Miller thinks.

Did you have a dream that your man was with another woman? The dream book tells: the meaning depends on the emotions you have experienced in a dream. If you felt strong resentment, jealousy, pain - an unpleasant surprise in these relations is also possible in reality. Perhaps the man has already made a connection on the side or will do so soon.

When such a plot was taken quite calmly, as a matter of fact, it means that you do not feel great love for this young man. You are internally ready for the upcoming break, freedom.

What is the meaning of a dream when your closest person does not hide his meetings on the side? The dream book tells: in reality, you feel insecure. And you need to work on this shortcoming.

Someone told you in a dream that your boyfriend was seen in the company of an attractive person? A dream reflects fears of losing your man. It seems that he pays more attention to his friends and business – there is no time only for you.

The interpretation of the dream about the beloved, whom the dreamer caught with her friend, is the following: their couple has a period of cooling feelings now.

But to find your boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend together means, according to the dream book: the sleeping woman is tired physically and mentally. She needs rest, otherwise depression may occur.

The plot in a dream where you yourself saw your partner with another girl portends conflicts. If he started a conversation about breaking up, it means that the young man is not satisfied with your real relationship. It is necessary to find out which sides he does not like and correct the situation.

Why does one dream that the dreamer's boyfriend is hiding a rival from her? Dream Interpretation reports: in reality you can be sure of the loyalty of your chosen one.

If the guy said himself that he loves another woman, such plot shows that you consider yourself unworthy of your man, and you are afraid that he will abandon you as soon as he finds a more worthy passion. Such thoughts provoke attacks of groundless jealousy, which can ruin everything. You should refrain from reproaches and try to raise your own self-esteem.

Some dreambooks consider that seeing a guy kissing a rival lady in a dream means: oddly enough, but the connection between the sleeping lady and him will be strong.

Did you have a dream about your loved one kissing another girl or having sex? According to the dream book, cardinal changes in life are coming. It is very likely that the chosen one often thinks of another woman, is going to have a connection with her.

Sergii Haranenko
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