Marriage Dream Meaning

Getting married in a dream spiritual meaning.

Getting married in a dream means, as a rule, the need to make an important decision which will turn to be right. Besides that, such a dream predicts changes in your personal life or in professional sphere.

A dream of marrying someone may just be a projection of your desires: perhaps in your soul you have been waiting for a proposal from your significant other for a long time? Or you just dream of a prince on a white horse and a natural ending of your relations.

In order to understand what the dream warns about, you need to remember all the details and evaluate your emotions that you experienced at night and after waking up. Remember whether the marriage was forced, whether you are happy with your chosen one, how you looked at that moment.

    A more accurate interpretation of the dream depends on:
  • emotions that a person experienced during the celebration;
  • the location of the ceremony and its features;
  • clothes in which the guests, the bride and groom were dressed;
  • who was present at the wedding.

Why do you dream of marrying or attending the celebration as a guest? As the dream book indicates, errors, unpleasant news, disappointments, failures in the business are possible. But also a dream vision promises joy, the signing of a profitable contract, the meeting of one's significant other.

If a young girl sees herself getting married to a decrepit man, this dream plot means that there will be an illness besides her current problems.

Did an unmarried girl dream about getting married? The dream book warns of disappointment, resentment.

Why does a single man dream about marriage? He will soon face deception. A married man's vision, where he marries another woman, warns of treason.

If a widow has a dream about marriage, this is a sign of betrayal. If an aged unmarried woman saw in a dream that she would be married, this means loss.

Why does an unmarried person dream of a stamp in a passport about a marriage? The dream book tells: soon he will be able to meet his soulmate and the vision will come true.

The interpretation of the dream about the stamp in the passport for married people is different: disagreements and conflicts can destroy their union. If you had a dream of erasing this stamp about marriage, you will quarrel with your beloved soon.

Have you seen your own sham marriage in a dream? The Dream Interpretation indicates: you may have made a mistake regarding your beloved and are experiencing it hard. Therefore, there is such a plot in the dream - "action in spite." Try to restore your old relationship.

The dream of a fictitious union also indicates that the dreamer wants to do some not too specious act to achieve the desired. The risks involved should be kept in mind.

    If you remember what kind of marriage you had in a dream, you will receive a detailed interpretation:
  • Second marriage in a dream – there will be some bad luck;
  • Marriage of convenience – someone uses you for his mercenary goals;
  • Fake marriage – someone can give out fake for original in real life;
  • Marriage with a person you do not love – your relations with men are based on deceit and constant lie;
  • Getting happily married - improving relations in reality;
  • Marrying suddenly - the acquisition of joint property;
  • Getting married twice - is a sign of conflicts;
  • Getting married with ease - the fulfillment of desire;
  • Getting forcibly married - means diseases;
  • Secret marriage - grief;
  • Marriage with flowers and in earrings - responsibility;
  • Getting officially married - gossip;
  • Marriage with a person of the same gender – you really need care and attention of your family.

Watching the marriage of same-sex partners means: women - gossip about you will begin, men - significant trouble, perhaps a betrayal of a loved one.

Have you seen a wedding ceremony? If the guests' clothing was of light tones, joy, pleasure will come. Is the clothing dark or black? You should be ready for some sadness, Miller states.

What is the symbolism of a dream about the wedding palace where you were present at the registration of the union? You can quickly find a way out of difficulties.

Seeing your marriage registration in a dream means that a happy future awaits your family life. Did you have a dream about registration of a couple in love? The dream interpretation is encouraging: you should conclude a profitable contract or to meet people who will subsequently have an impact on your business.

If a woman happens to know in a dream that her ex is happily married to another woman, this means the man she lives with now will soon become ill.

Why does one dream of a marriage certificate? In reality, there will be suffering over your personal life. A marriage certificate warns a woman: a tyrant spouse will subdue her will.

If you had a dream of being married with your boyfriend, while he didn’t even make such hints, dream Interpretation reports: your beloved is already considering making a proposal.

Also, marriage life in a dream indicates: the dreamer is not sure that her lover will offer to get married. Perhaps you need to push him to this delicately. But action should be taken with extreme caution.

Receiving a marriage proposal is a very favorable symbol. The dream interpretation explains: positive changes in all areas of life await the dormant.

To submit an application to the registry office in a dream means: the material condition will improve; you will be able to establish your business.

Why do you dream about cheating before the wedding? You will hear some bad news in reality. You may be tricked or forged.

If you had a dream about wedding rejection, this means the dreamer will commit a rash, spontaneous act that will cause regret.

Have you married a deceased in a dream? The dream interpretation explains: a disease is possible, so you should pay closer attention to your well-being.

Why do you dream of getting married, according to Miller's dream book? The interpreter believes that such a dream is a sign of the subconscious, which signals internal problems with self-esteem. Most likely, in reality you are lacking the attention of the opposite sex. To improve your personal life, you need to get rid of complexes and stoplights that prevent you from finding common language with the opposite sex. Allow yourself showing desires, not hiding your aspirations, and everything will work out.

It is also worth clarifying how you looked during the wedding ceremony: if you got married with a beautiful hairdo, wait for a salary increase, good news and a positive resolution of the problem situations that you encountered.

If in a dream you choose a wedding ring, this means that in reality you will have to face people who will want to deceive you. Be careful in assessing others and do not trust them recklessly.

In a dream, you can see that you are getting married being already pregnant. This only means that you have too high requirements for your partner, and this is inconvenient for both of you. Be simpler and appreciate what the person next to you gives you.

If in a dream you are trying on a wedding outfit and showing it to the people around you, it means that you value the beauty of your own body, know how to present yourself properly and cause admiring glances of those around you.

And if you marry the wrong man, although in reality the wedding has already been scheduled and should take place soon, it just means that you made the right and good choice and the newlyweds will be fine.

An interesting approach to explaining the plot of this dream is found in Freud's dream book. The psychologist believes that if in a dream you get married, this is a sign that in reality you are not satisfied with your personal life and its intimate sphere. Most likely, you are afraid of betrayal and have complexes, you cannot afford to follow your desires.

Sad memories are promised by a dream in which a girl marries her ex partner. Do not regret the past, let it go and step boldly into a new wonderful life.

A pregnant woman can also dream about marriage, this will indicate that she will have tedious chores.

For an elderly woman, the dream in which she is getting married portends improvements in health and good mood. Joyful events that will cause a smile will take place in your life. Also, for an elderly woman, such a dream can portend relocation. If she marries her husband, this dream suggests that confidence and calmness will come in her life.

What are the Top-5 positive dreams about getting married?

  • The young groom is unfamiliar to the dreamer - strengthening faith in oneself, your own attractiveness.
  • The guests have fun at the wedding - sign of good news.
  • The groom is much older than the bride - the emergence of an influential patron.
  • Seeing your marriage from the side - a happy and easy life.
  • Marrying your brother - long and strong love.

What are the Top-5 negative marriage dream meanings?

  • Getting married in a black dress predicts an unfavorable period in the dreamer's life.
  • Marrying your best friend's boyfriend means the risk of experiencing feelings of envy.
  • Getting married to a person who is unpleasant to you is a sign that there is a lot of falsehood in the relationship between the dreamer and men.
  • Marrying a dead person whom you knew during your lifetime - means a serious danger or betrayal.
  • Becoming a widower's wife means an unpleasant offer received from a good friend.

Some dreambooks give brief dream meanings depending on who was the groom.

  • getting married with an Asian man - the onset of a difficult period in the relationship of loved ones;
  • marrying your business partner - big profit;
  • a dream of marriage to a rich man - loss of interest in a partner;
  • marrying a military person - rich sexual life;
  • getting married to a person of the Eastern nationalities - prosperity and career growth;
  • marrying a doctor - an unsuccessful marriage;
  • marrying an elder stranger - a harmonious union, which will become stronger over time;
  • marriage with a naked man - the appearance of a husband's mistress;
  • marrying a grandfather - unpleasant news or the risk of getting into an awkward situation;
  • marrying the groom in an expensive shirt - the absence of material problems;
  • union with a friend who is married and not loved - the appearance of an influential friend;
  • getting married to a famous person - happy changes associated with a loved one;
  • marrying an ideal man - a successful solution to the issue related to real estate or relocation;
  • marrying the imam - problems associated with excessive emotionality;
  • getting married to your younger lover - projects that will bring profit and respect from influential people;
  • marriage to a boy - judgment and conflicts with loved ones;
  • marriage with a younger man - poor health;
  • marrying a Muslim - possible accident;
  • marrying your boss - pleasant events;
  • marrying a black person - peace and harmony in the family;
  • marrying several men - means meeting old friends;
  • getting married to the owner of the hotel - a pleasant vacation;
  • dream of second marriage to your late husband - a difficult decision;
  • female marrying a girl or young woman - death or a protracted depressive state;
  • marriage to a politician - the need to change the way of life;
  • marriage to an unknown person of advanced age - happiness and mutual understanding of partners;
  • marrying a redhead man - unkind intentions on the part of familiar men;
  • marrying a roommate - a confusing situation;
  • marriage to an ugly person - fun and joy;
  • marrying your son in a dream - financial problems;
  • dream of marrying a Tatar - envy, intrigues in the work team;
  • getting married to a gypsy - changes that may be associated with the loss of a job or deterioration in relations with loved ones.

What were your actions in a dream about marriage?

  • the brother is walking you down the aisle - means making an important decision;
  • getting married and eating cherries - unsuccessful attempts to move up the career ladder or get an interesting job;
  • getting married yourself and marrying off a friend - the end of hard work or a serious illness;
  • seeing that the husband is walking you down the aisle - empty chores around the house;
  • seeing yourself marrying a famous person - the appearance of a powerful enemy;
  • preparing to marry a celebrity - cheat;
  • falling in love with another man and marrying him - the end of a love relationship;
  • changing your mind and refusing the proposal - an accident in the family of close relatives;
  • agreeing to get married in another country - sign of loneliness;
  • drinking champagne and kissing at your wedding - happiness;
  • accepting a marriage proposal from a public person - the unattainability of the goals set.
Sergii Haranenko
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