Big Frog Dream Meaning

How to understand a dream about a big frog? In ancient religions this amphibian was a symbol of patience and fertility. In Feng Shui philosophy, the big frog personifies profit and prosperity. When seen in a dream, this creature symbolizes a wise advisor, a reliable friend. Let's consider all the interpretations of the dream book that reveal why a big frog appears in the night plot.

The Modern combined dream book reminds of strong and reliable friendship interpreting what the big frog symbolizes in dreams. In reality, you are surrounded by decent and honest people who will definitely be your shoulders to cry on in difficult times.

The Female dream interpreter correlates the dream image of a green tree frog with the presence of a devoted friend, with whom you can share your innermost secrets without fear.

The English dream book compares a big frog in a dream with success in any endeavors. For businessmen, such a dream promises excellent prospects in career and business.

For lovers, to see a huge green toad in a dream portends a positive change in relationships. The Dream book from A to Z explains the seen plot with a random but profitable acquisition.

The Chinese dream interpreter prophesies material prosperity to a dreamer explaining why a large toad is seen in a house.

A plot in which two or several frogs hold out some object to the dreamer.

According to esotericists, seeing a huge toad in a dream promises an unpleasant and even painful conversation with a person from your close circle. A large green frog seen in a dream, serves as an indicator of a cooling relationship with someone. Perhaps the reason for this will be gossip and idle chatter.

According to Aesop, the dream about two huge tree frogs mean that a period of squabbles and misunderstandings has begun between the dreamer and his loved ones.

If a large tree frog is jumping along the road you are walking, it means, as Aesop's dream book claims, that there will be a meeting with an interesting person of the opposite sex, with whom you want to connect your destiny.

The interpreter predicts a coming wedding, interpreting why someone dreams of meeting two living amphibious creatures on the road. For a woman see something like that means a coming acquaintance with a respectable man with many children, which can end in matchmaking.

A living frog in a dream, according to Freud's interpretation, is the personification of female genital organs. Seeing it in the water speaks of the dreamer's subconscious desire to get pregnant and give birth to a child.

    In addition, the dream book connects the interpretation of a dream with the actions of the sleeping person himself:
  • picking up a big frog – means you are forced to do what you are disgusted with in sex;
  • stepping on it – you should take care of your health, and do not forget to protect yourself during sex;
  • observing, watching a frog – speaks of your tender feelings for your intimate partner;
  • killing a big frog – means your sexual relations often border on sadism.

Miller's dream book compares a caught large frog to the dreamer's negligence, which can lead to poor health. If you dreamed of a frog in swamp water, this means, according to the psychologist, that your friends will help you cope with the troubles that have arisen.

To see a large cold-blooded animal jumping on the grass portends a kind, understanding friend who will become an assistant and advisor in all matters.

Sergii Haranenko
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