Mosquito Dream Meaning And Symbolism

What do mosquitoes symbolize in dreams? The annoying buzzing of mosquitoes is unpleasant even in a dream. When dream books give an interpretation of what the annoying swarm of mosquitoes and attempts to get rid of them means in dreams, the degree to which the predictions are favorable depends on the success of these attempts.

Intrusive obnoxious insects personify the onslaught of ill-wishers in a dream. The Female dream book says: getting rid of mosquitoes means that in reality you can overcome difficulties and enjoy peace and family joys.

According to the Russian Dream Book, a dream about many mosquitoes is the embodiment of the unkind envy of others. Why do you dream of their buzzing squeak? It would be better to keep all your secrets to yourself.

To kill a mosquito before it has bitten you – means you will be able to get rid of the parasites.

Aesop's dream book, recognizing that the mosquito symbolizes the worst human qualities - envy, dependency, boredom, pays tribute to its persistence. If you dreamed about a mosquito, this indicates how carefully you coped with the work.

Miller's dream book warns of a vain depletion of strength in the fight against arrogant and cunning consumers, commenting on what the mosquito represents in a dream. And only after killing the mosquito, the dreamer can breathe freely: in reality, nothing threatens his peace and well-being anymore, for he will part with a tiresome neighbor, colleague or friend.

According to Freud's dream book, small insects symbolize children. If you are afraid that they will bite you and you kill them – this indicates dislike for your own children. If you are tired of buzzing, you tend to show off your bad mood to the child.

If you dreamed that mosquitoes do not bother you – this plot means that your guardianship of your precious child goes beyond the boundaries of reason.

In addition to mosquitoes, flies and midges irritate people even in their dream. It is no coincidence that a person wakes up anxious - such dreams warn of danger. It comes from those who are not used to working, those who live at someone else's expense and are always dissatisfied.

One fly in a dream is a sign of sadness, a lot of flies mean you will have to spend time in the company of friends. If you are able to neutralize tedious aggression in reality, you will dream that the fly was deftly swatted. But trying to catch it is a sign of trouble.

If you brushed it off the hand of your beloved – this is a sign that you are slowly losing the warmth and trust of the relationship. This is the path to the inevitable breakup.

Why do you dream that they are stuck to honey? Avoid flatterers, they bring only trouble.

Moths can be seen by those who are overcome by minor routine worries. They represent minor interference, but if a lot of midges attack you in a dream, serious obstacles have to be overcome.

If you dreamed that you applied repellents so that the insects would not bite – this means you can easily cope with difficulties.

What does it mean if you were bitten by a mosquito in a dream? According to Miller's dream book, any bite portends a streak of failures and illnesses, in addition, you can, willingly or not, destroy the fruits of your labors. The Chinese dream book of Zhou-Gong predicts loss to someone who sees mosquitoes bite him.

Why dream of a mosquito that has sucked your blood? This is a sign of injury. To kill a mosquito on you in a dream – predicts hard work, on another person – get ready, they will try to impose you other people's responsibilities; if you look at the blood stain left from the mosquito – this means nothing in life is given to you for free.

Dream Interpretation From "A" to "Z" advises not to bicker with the boss, if the day before you dreamed that midges bite you in a dream.

According to Freud, to see in a dream how mosquitoes bite you means grief from children who, despite your care, avoid you and only cause trouble.

Sergii Haranenko
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