Standing In The Water Dream Meaning

It is pleasant to stand in the water, especially if it is clean and warm. What is the meaning of such dream? Of course, it means good luck. However, it happens to dream of dirty water under your feet. And this is a pretty bad sign, dreambooks warn.

If you dream that you are standing in clean clear water, you can rejoice. The prospect of enrichment and joyful emotions awaits you. But beware if you went into the muddy pond - danger will follow you, joy will leave your life, despondency will appear.

Slipping on a muddy puddle and falling means you are not immune from mistakes, but you should try to avoid them. You will be saddened by the events of the next day, if at night you dreamed that you were standing in a marshy source and you were drinking from it – your health will fail.

To stand knee-deep in water and see the bottom of the reservoir - to the joyful mood given by good luck in family matters.

But if you dreamed that the water was only ankle-deep, do you know what this means? Dream guide of Tsvetkova will tell you: you will take successful steps in a new business or hobby.

The interpretation of a dream in which you walk along the edge of the shore is the following: the joy of meeting awaits you ahead.

The successful completion of the unfinished business promises a dream in which you stand in the water on a huge boulder, dream books of Nostradamus and the White Magician are prophesying.

To wander in a muddy stream - to a large-scale conflict, in which a huge crowd will take part. If you could not keep your balance in the flow and fell - you will become the instigator of the quarrel.

If you were standing in marshy water with muddy bottom, this means your plans will not be fulfilled; and only because you do nothing to fulfill your desires.

Those people whose thoughts are dishonest and intentions are vile may dream that, once in muddy water, they cannot get their leg out of it - the bog does not let him go.

Standing ankle-deep in dirty and still water - to minor troubles; knee-deep - problems will be more serious.

Vanga's dreambook gives interpretation of a plot about a man who dreamed that his house was flooded with water. You succumb to weakness and vices, the clairvoyant prophesies.

The famous interpreter Miss Hasse disagrees with her. Her dream book gives a completely opposite interpretation of sleep, in which the dreamer is forced to stand in the water in his own house. Such plot promises material wealth and successful acquisitions.

Seeing yourself slipping in a stream of water rushing along the steps of your own house predicts the loss of something valuable or a robbery. Be careful.

But to wander knee-deep in water that flooded the apartment is a symbol of arrival of many guests.

To stand over the water on the bridge - your career will delight you day by day. You will be respected by colleagues, and appreciated by the management.

Did you dream that you are standing above the water and do not touch it, as if hanging in the air? Despite seeming difficulties, the issue will be solved easily and simply.

Sergii Haranenko
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