Big Tree Dream Meaning

For the most part, a tall tree, whose thick trunk and crown inspire in a dream, promises good changes. But, like any vision, branchy tree, with or without foliage, fallen or withered, it can carry other messages.

1. General interpretation of a dream about a tall green tree.

Almost every dream book considers a huge tree as a symbol of personal growth and development. But this is under condition that you happened to see a big tree in a dream, luxurious and green, impressive and beautiful. This is a sign of well-being and a settled life. But if you see a tree very close to you, this is a sign of acquaintance and communication with the sage.

If you climb up a tree in a dream, this plot speaks of success, determination, achievement of the goal. This means stability and career growth, pleasant communication with relatives and friends. But besides this, to see a huge tree in a dream symbolizes advice to invest your finances rationally and plan your own strengths, weigh all the steps and think about decisions.

    What was happening to the tree in your dream?
  • When you dream of a huge tree that reveals buds and flowers in front of your eyes - this vision promises unexpected joy, pleasant gifts and offers;
  • If you dream of a big old tree that breaks under the pressure of the wind, foliage flies from it – this means your confrontation is short-lived, it will end soon and at the same time in your favor, if it was dry; and if the tree was alive, this means the dispute will finish not in the best way;
  • When you dream of a forest, several trees, the roots of which you pull out of the ground – this image means parting with a friend or relative;
  • If you see how the water washes the roots away, it is worth checking your own health, as well as appease your pride, voluptuousness, thereby not harming yourself in future relations with relatives and superiors;
  • When you see in a dream how dry branches are cut off on a green tree, and they put what is cut into a fire – this indicates your erroneous opinion about the situation or person, or the need to change jobs;
  • A dream of planting a tree is a sign that you will soon receive a considerable profit, but not just like that, but thanks to selfless work; grafting a tree in a dream – means huge wealth that will fall on you from distant relatives, whom you might not have known at all;
  • Climbing a tree represents recognition in society, but if you have reached the top, this means you are burdened by the monotony of being, strive to change everything around you;
  • If you experience fear while climbing the branches, the future will soon open to you, but sitting under its crown means you are worried about your well-being;
  • When you see branched trees, hang upside down on their branches - you have head in the clouds; but breaking off and falling from them – means you will introduce a certain destructive element into your life.

But with all this, the tree can look quite fantastic in a dream - this detail should not be discounted in the interpretation of night vision. If you see a tree made of gold or silver, or maybe platinum, this is a symbol of sad fate, since many dream books associate noble metals with failures and losses.

When the plant is alive and animated, has arms and legs, a face like a person's - this is a symbol of motherhood, replenishment in the family; but dreaming of a talking tree promises receiving good news.

It will also bring you positive results and changes if you see tree with a lush crown and a thick trunk, lush foliage in a dream. This is a symbol of favorable relations with relatives in the house, an established and interesting job, prosperity and peace.

2. Dreaming of a tree with or without leaves.

If you see a large tree covered with green foliage, this image predicts far-reaching grandiose plans that you will soon implement in life. It can also be news of signing a lucrative deal, moving up the career ladder, praise and recognition from colleagues and management.

But if you happened to see a tree without leaves, or you saw how they fall from it or, God forbid, fall from it yourself - this is a warning from above, advice to be extremely careful. Enemies are plotting against you, they just wish to take your place to defame you in front of management and acquaintances. It is also a sign of the disruption of the event and losses at work, breakdowns at home, less often - gossip and slander.

    Among other things, the following details of visions should be taken into account when interpreting:
  • if the tree is covered with beautiful, saturated green foliage, this image symbolizes well-being at work and in the family;
  • dreaming about a blooming tree - a bright streak comes in life; and for young and unmarried people, a dream promises a coming marriage;
  • if you see fruits on a tree - you will soon gain spiritual knowledge, your inner strength will grow, opening up new horizons, you will reap the fruits of previous labors;
  • if you see a tree at the stage of withering, when leaves fall from it – this image represents a difficult period of life, but it will certainly be replaced by a period of growth and development;
  • seeing it yellowed, as in autumn - old age will be filled with good memories and life wisdom will always be present in it;
  • if the tree was strewn with red foliage – this means the dreamer is immersed in his own little world, prone to alcohol abuse, but at the same time, his old age will be filled with cheerful memories of past and present happiness;
  • if you see a tree covered with snow – the luck of the dreamer himself is very, very changeable, since he does not control the affairs, events that take place around him.

But if you see the tree broken, you should pay maximum attention to your own health, as well as the physical condition of your family. If it was broken during a snowstorm or struck by lightning, you should look at your surroundings carefully, moderate your ardor and not quarrel. Incontinence and inattention can harm you seriously.

3. Dreaming about tree trunk.

    To see only a tree trunk in one’s own dream - many dream books interpret such a symbol as follows:
  • If you are trying to hide behind it, in reality you are striving for protection from many life problems and hardships, you want to find a reliable patron.
  • If you see a thick tree trunk in your dreams, this means you let your long-forgotten past into your present, which pulls you back and does not allow you to grow up.
  • When a branched trunk stood before your eyes, with green foliage and fruits, this is a symbol of strong friendship, true in its manifestation. Therefore, you can be glad that you have such reliable friends.

All these details will help you interpret night vision correctly and open the veil of the future.

4. Dreaming about a chopped down tree.

  • If you see a dead, cut down tree, this promises unpleasant changes and problems, it is a symbol of loss and defeat, existing disagreements in the family, resentment against relatives and friends. This is a general interpretation, but in addition to this, many dream books give a more expanded interpretation of the sign seen in a dream.
  • If you saw a tree cut down by lumberjacks, alive, with branches on which leaves are visible, you will lose the hope you have long cherished. Also, the symbol itself can indicate failure and lack of perspective, inspiration.
  • If the tree was cut down by lumberjacks in your night vision, soon the dreamer will be able to save himself from the need to communicate with an unpleasant and deceitful person. And as many dream books say, it was necessary to clean one’s own environment from unreliable elements a long time ago, but some event, an act on the part of this very “friend” will push for active actions.
  • And if you cut branches on a beautiful tree, or cut down the trunk to the root – this means the dreamer is too biased and harsh in relation to his surroundings. This nullifies the list of his friends and admirers. If the branches are dry, this is a sign of coming change of place of work or one's own kind of activity.
    When interpreting a dream, it is better to pay attention to what exactly the felled tree was:
  • if it was a dried pine - the dreamer can expect lack of improvement in the general well-being in the family and at work; you are unlikely to take a high post;
  • if a fruit tree was cut down - most likely a dream promises death in the family;
  • chopping cypress - in reality, luck has turned away from you;
  • chopping a bamboo trunk - experiencing a lot of unpleasant events, grief;
  • if maple was cut down - all your undertakings will be doomed to failure.

All these details will help you interpret the night vision correctly and thereby lift the veil of the future.

Sergii Haranenko
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