Bigamy Dream Meaning

What does a dream about bigamy mean? Dreaming of bigamy may reflect a desire for freedom or a need for variety in your relationships. It could suggest that you are feeling restricted or unsatisfied in your current romantic or personal life.

Alternatively, dreaming about bigamy may indicate fear of commitment or a hesitation to fully invest in a single relationship. It could signify ambivalence about settling down or concerns about being tied down to one person.

Bigamy in a dream may symbolize emotional conflicts or loyalty issues. It could imply that you are torn between two different aspects of your life, such as career choices, personal aspirations, or conflicting emotions towards two individuals.

Dreams about bigamy can also reflect concerns about trust and fidelity in relationships. It may suggest a fear of betrayal or a lack of confidence in the loyalty of your partner or loved ones.

Bigamy dreams might also indicate inner confusion or unresolved feelings. It could suggest that you are grappling with conflicting emotions or struggling to make a decision about a situation that involves multiple choices or paths.

The Newest dreambook thinks that being a bigamist in a dream predicts having a mistress. Having two husbands in a dream predicts getting a lover.

Bigamy in a dream also means that you spend your strength unwisely, being unable to focus on one thing. If you do not reorganize, this will further interfere with your family arrangements.

According to the Lovers’ dreambook, if a man dreams of bigamy, it means that he will show himself as a weak and cowardly person. For a woman, such a dream promises trouble and failure. She needs to be more careful so that her reputation and honor do not suffer.

The Family dreambook considers that a dream about bigamy threatens a man with trouble and humiliation. Such a dream also does not bode well for a woman. She should be more careful and not believe false promises in order to avoid shame in the future.

Sergii Haranenko
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