Boarding Dream Meaning

What is spiritual meaning of boarding in dreams? According to the Universal dreambook, if you are watching boarding from the side, this is a sign that you are not confident in your abilities. If a woman was on a ship that was attacked, this means she is prone to creating conflict situations and scandals. If a man had such a dream - this indicates his inferiority complex.

Sigmund Freud explained boarding in dreams the following way. Boarding, as one of the types of violence, usually symbolizes sexual intercourse.

A man attacking a ship with a weapon in his hands suffers from an inferiority complex. He is not sure that he can capture the ship, which is a symbol of a woman. He has an object of desire, but excessive timidity and uncertainty fetter his actions.

A man who defends his ship with a weapon in his hands also suffers from an inferiority complex, but of a different kind. He is not sure that he satisfies his partner, and this circumstance depresses him very much.

Freud thinks that if you are watching boarding, as a spectator, you are confident in your strengths, feelings and capabilities. The dream speaks of the normal functioning of sexual activity or its normalization.

A woman who defends herself and her property in a fight with enemies seeks to find a sexual partner who can satisfy her.

According to the Newest dreambook, you will have to prove to a loved one that you are right for a long time.

If your ardent imagination showed you in a dream a picture when one ship came close to another and a hand-to-hand fight began between the people on them, this promises you some kind of adventure in a new company where you will be easily accepted, but from where it will be very difficult to escape later.

If it seemed to you that you were among the passengers of the attacked ship and you were attacked by pirates, as they are usually portrayed in the movies, then you are guaranteed new sexual experiences that it makes no sense to resist - your stamina will be broken one way or another.

Sergii Haranenko
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