Wooden Ship Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about wooden sailing boat? The dream book considers a wooden ship a symbol of salvation and hope. Other interpreters see in it a messenger of the future. Esotericists and psychologists consider in two ways why you dream of a ship sailing on the sea.

According to Gustav Miller, a frigate in a dream symbolizes the inner freedom of a person, a craving for travel, shows his desire for victories.

    In more detail, why a wooden ship appears in a dream, the psychologist considers in conjunction with other objects in a dream:
  • to see it on the horizon - means great prospects;
  • to stand at the helm - making responsible decisions;
  • meeting the ship on the shore - wait for help in an important matter;
  • to be late for the ship - means missing the chance;
  • to be a captain - receiving good news;
  • going up to the deck - being able to stand out from the crowd.

What does Vanga's dream book warn about if you dreamed about a wooden ship? If you dreamed of a schooner made of wood, the great soothsayer insists on imminent changes in fate.

If a sailboat sways near the shore, it means that no changes are expected in life. Get ready for relaxing family evenings. In everyday life, everything will go well, the household members will be helping in business. The owners of the house can be proud of their relatives' successes, their achievements.

Did you dream about a wooden ship anchored on the high seas? This picture predicts temporary stagnation in business. Don't rush things - take time out for a while.

If the ship is sailing away from the shore into the distance, this means the start of global projects, the beginning of an independent life away from parents.

If you were waiting for a boat or cutter on an abandoned island, but the sailors did not notice you, you risk seeing indifference from your loved ones.

Meeting a caravel at the port in a dream is the same as getting a considerable profit from your investment. What you see promises a financial take-off.

Sinking with a sailboat in a dream is a double sign. On the one hand, there is a threat to become a victim of robbery, to lose your job; on the other hand, what will be started from scratch will bring huge dividends in the future. Unfortunately, if your boat crashes on the rocks in a dream, this is a sign that your family life will fail.

How did old dreambooks interpret dreams about wood ships? A ship filled to the brim with overseas goods guarantees the dreamer a successful marriage and well-being.

The military flotilla in a dream is seen by those who have to survive the rivalry. You can expect intrigues, set ups of enemies, tricks.

A dilapidated boat overgrown withmoss and cobwebs testifies to mental wounds and bad mood. In addition, your position in society may be too precarious.

What does it mean if you dreamed about Noah’s ark? The biblical wooden ship can be seen by people who are under the auspices of higher powers. Support and help await them at every step. You can safely take on any projects.

Sergii Haranenko
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