Burnt House Dream Meaning

What does a burned out house symbolize in a dream? Dreaming of a burnt house predicts cooling of feelings and a possible divorce coming soon. Besides that, such a dream means you might have doubts about the correctness of the profession you have chosen.

If the house has not completely burned out, this is a sign of serious trouble; a dream about house ashes - predicts changes in personal life.

    Whose house burned out in your dream?
  • the house of your acquaintances burnt - parting with a loved one;
  • stranger’s house burned down - spoiled plans;
  • parents’ house burnt - the illness of elderly family members;
  • relatives’ house burned down - interfering in other people's affairs;
  • your own house burnt in a dream - problems in the family.

If only a roof of the house burned down, this is a sign of financial difficulties.

A burnt house without a fire – indicates relocation and change activities; dreaming of a burning house – warns of trouble and misfortune.

If you dream about a building that burned out a long time ago, this is a sign that you are longing for former relations.

What are the Top-5 negative dreams about burned down building?

  • The ashes on the site of someone else's housing mean betrayal of a loved one.
  • The burnt house of your grandmother - a quarrel with relatives over money.
  • Setting fire to a house and extinguishing it - cruelty towards relatives.
  • A burnt house in your hometown - the loss of property.
  • A house that burned out in the village - sign of sad news.

Here are the Top-5 positive dream meanings of a house that burnt:

  • The charred housing of your ex partner - a new passionate relationship.
  • Your house, not completely burned down - getting rid of negative emotions and destructive addictions.
  • A charred building and a tree - making a big profit.
  • A burnt house on the main street - promises career growth.
  • A house burned down by the forest - traveling with friends.

According to Miller, a dream about a burned-out house means the beginning of a new stage in life.

    Burned-out building, according to Freud's dream book:
  • a burned-out house speaks of the need to understand yourself and your relationship with your partner;
  • seeing how housing is burning next to the ashes - a cooling of feelings for a loved one or problems with libido;
  • looking at a charred house - a disease of the reproductive system;
  • going into a burned-down building - reduced libido.

For a pregnant woman, a dream about a burnt house portends a miscarriage.

If everything inside burned out, this means divorce and division of property.

According to the Islamic dream book, a dream about ashes in the place of one's own house means that in reality the sleeping person will lose the support of relatives and friends due to his temper.

Sergii Haranenko
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