Abandoned House Dream Meaning

Abandoned house dream meaning

What does a dream about abandoned house mean? An abandoned building seen in a dream usually doesn’t promise anything pleasant. Sometimes a plot about forgotten building can predict luck.

According to Miller, a dream about abandoned building is a warning about possible risk in the endeavors that you planned. If you see a dilapidated house that is about to collapse in a dream, be sure to take care of your health.

If you dreamed of an old castle in a very good condition, it may mean that you still cherish hopes that did not materialize in due time.

If you got lost in an abandoned building in a dream, you will find yourself in the center of troubles, but they will have nothing to do with you.

    Medea’s dreambook gives different interpretations of plots about deserted building:
  • Seeing an old neglected hospital – sudden illness;
  • An old building turned to be a school – you got hung up to your mistakes, you need to let them go;
  • Seeing an old church – loss of ideals and faith in good;
  • An abandoned plant – do not start any endeavors, nothing will work out;
  • Seeing a dilapidated theater – you will face hypocrisy.

According to many interpreters, deserted houses represent bad luck and sadness. If the house looks quite decent but it was abandoned by the tenants, and its windows are boarded up, the Eastern Dreambook treats it this way: you are tormented by your past. If you do not learn to forgive insults and forget past grievances, then in the future you will see a collapse in all spheres of life.

If the house was abandoned because the roof fell, you should not take liberties in the workplace: remarks from your boss will spoil your mood for a long time.

Restoring or renovating the deserted building have quite opposite interpretation. Renovating your own place in which you do not live for a long time already, is a sign that you should get ready for luck and success.

According to the Lunar dreambook, if you dreamed that you were restoring a historically valuable building: your talents will finally find their admirers.

Symbolism of a dream of abandoned house

What is the spiritual meaning of abandoned houses in dreams? Abandoned buildings can symbolize neglected or forgotten parts of your life. This dream might suggest that there are areas or interests you have set aside and need to revisit.

If you have a fear of being abandoned or isolated, this dream could be a manifestation of those feelings. It may indicate a need for connection and emotional support.

Abandoned buildings can also be associated with change or transition. It might signify that you are in a phase of your life where you are leaving the past behind and moving toward something new and uncertain.

In some cases, exploring an abandoned building in a dream may symbolize your desire for adventure, new experiences, or self-discovery.

The condition of the abandoned building (e.g., whether it's in disrepair or well-preserved) and your emotions in the dream can offer additional clues. If you feel fear or anxiety, it may reflect inner turmoil, while a sense of fascination or curiosity might indicate a willingness to confront your past.

Sergii Haranenko
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