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Passengers Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you dream about passengers? According to the Dreambook from A to Z, seeing a lot of passengers on a ship in a dream means that in reality an endless amount of work awaits you. A limited number of passengers in a cabin or compartment – means you will have to ask your friends or neighbors for help.

Being a passenger on a long journey in a dream – is a sign meaning you will achieve well-being thanks to dedication and frugality.

If you are a passenger of urban public transport, in reality it threatens the loss of a profitable position.

To meet passengers at a train station or station in a dream - you will be saddened by the betrayal of a person you trusted; meeting with passengers at the pier - predicts envy and disputes over the division of money or property.

Dream about seeing passengers off – predicts sad events, according to the Dreambook from A to Z.

According to Psychological dreambook, a dream about passengers leaving the transport with their luggage portends an improvement in circumstances.

Departing passengers seen in a dream are a sign of purchasing property.

If you are a passenger in a dream, this means you will have to do everything possible to change your life.

The Dreambook for a vixen states that if you dream about passengers, this means you don’t like your life and it is time to change something.

If you were seeing the passengers off, it means the purchase you wanted will not take place because of the circumstances that do not depend on you. Welcoming passengers in a dream predicts positive life changes.

What does the American dreambook say if you dream you are a passenger and go on a trip?

If you haven't chosen a direction yourself, someone else will choose it for you. Is there an area of your life that you do not control? Sometimes it's good to lose control and just go with the flow. Is there an area of life where you just need to relax, sit back and feel like a passenger?

According to Simeon Prozorov’s dreambook, if you are carrying passengers in a dream, this means improving financial circumstances.

Dropping off passengers - unexpected profits will allow you to get rid of debt.

Here is what the Dreambook of the 21st Century says about dreaming about passengers. Seeing scurrying, hurrying passengers: portends unforeseen chores and bustle for you.

Being a passenger of some kind of transport - such a dream symbolically reflects the current state of your affairs.

An unattractive and uncomfortable means of transportation: it says that your business is not going very well, and various obstacles and difficulties await you.

Serviceable, beautiful and, most importantly, convenient transport: on the contrary, it promises successful promotion of business, promising prosperity and good luck.

Heavy or bulky baggage in a dream is evidence that your excessive concern about your problems is detrimental to business, prompting you to make the wrong decisions.

Light baggage means that your inner lightness and positive attitude will continue to contribute to successful business progress.

According to the Dreambook for lovers, seeing yourself in a dream as a passenger means dissatisfaction with your relationship with your lover. For spouses, such a dream portends that they will seek pleasure on the side.

The Wanderer’s dreambook considers passengers in a dream a sign of passive obedience to circumstances, or inability to control them; change of course of life, mood.

Dreaming about a boat without passengers is a symbol of sad solitude.

Sergii Haranenko

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