Butterfly Dream Meaning

The majority of dreambooks consider butterflies a positive symbol of prosperity, success in business and good news. Trying to catch a butterfly means that you will fall for somebody but your relations will not work because of your light-mindedness. This dream can also indicate small problems, the same as holding a caught insect in your hands. If a man saw a dream that he caught a butterfly, this is a prediction that he will get married soon and his wife will bring him a son. If you had a dream about a butterfly fluttering on the sun, the dream predicts success in all your beginnings and happiness.

Some dream interpreters are paying attention to the insect’s color. A big grey butterfly with wings shining on the sun is a sign of a trouble; you should be careful. A white butterfly with big wings in your dream means troubles and illness. If it landed on one of the members of your family or on a piece of furniture, you should take a better care of your family: someone might get ill soon. What is the white butterfly meaning of a dream? Miller’s dreambook states that a white butterfly that flew into young woman’s window predicts disappointment and unfulfilled expectations. This dream can also symbolize illness, so you should take care of your health.

What is the yellow butterfly dream meaning? If you saw a pale-yellow butterfly in a dream, this is a symbol of disappointment and wishes not coming true. If it landed on someone you know, this person may have some problems.

If you dreamed of a red butterfly - this is a sign that there will be painful affection, insane passion in reality.

A black butterfly seen in a dream is a sign that somebody’s secrets will be revealed to you soon. Some dreambooks associate black butterflies with the souls of your deceased relatives, you should memorize them in your prayers. Elder people can see dreams with black butterflies before weather change, usually before thunders.

If the moth that you see in your dream is huge and is fluttering at your window and looks into the room, this dream is a symbol that you are thinking a lot about life sense, fatality and death. A dream with a big butterfly brings its life tests and adventures; you are balancing on the edge and should be more careful.

If a young girl sees a dream about butterfly, this is a promise of meeting a man whom she will marry. Fluttering butterflies can be a symbol of getting news from old friends with whom you lost connection a long time ago. If a person sees a dream with a lot of butterflies this is a direction that he was given a chance to change his life for the better. The main thing is not to waste this chance.

If the flying butterfly landed to your arm, this is a very favorable sign of your personality growth. You will have a brilliant idea that will change your life for the better. Butterflies in your hands can also be a promise of a long-awaited date. If the insect landed on your head, this means you often have disturbing thoughts. According to Freud, if the butterfly landed on your body, this dream is an indication that you get contact with children easily. This night plot can also symbolize a lot of luck. Catching it with a net brings scandals to your family.

Sergii Haranenko
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