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Chess Dream Meaning

In a dream chess warns of an unpredictable turn of fate, but at the same time symbolizes divine destiny. What else does this logical game symbolize in a dream? Dream Interpretation will present the most accurate transcripts of what you happened to see in the night plot.

If you had a dream about playing chess, this means you will have to make a very complicated and sometimes contradictory decision. Chess for a person who does not understand anything in this game is a symbol of the need to make an analysis.

Why else does not a chess player dream of this game? In a dream, it marks a struggle with a worthy opponent or even with oneself. The dream interpretation considers that the period of self-knowledge and spiritual progress begins.

But for an experienced chess player, the interpretation of a dream does not have any practical meaning. Most likely, this is only a reflection of reality.

In a dream did you happen to see a duel chess game between experienced rivals? Dream Interpretation is sure that you have good chances to make an excellent career. But only if you think any of your actions over.

At the same time, buying chess in a dream predicts successful resolution of some incredibly difficult task. To receive it as a gift means to reveal the remarkable abilities associated with extrasensory perception.

The Miller's interpreter states that playing chess in a dream literally means facing a great deal of difficulty. Now it all depends on you.

If in a dream you happened to play chess, then in business there is a tendency to stagnation, and you can face a serious illness.

According to the dream book, it also means that you are successfully making far-reaching plans. Moreover, you have a solid chance of achieving your goals.

If you do not know how to play chess at all, then all dreams about this game signify fast rise in the career ladder.

However, the dream book states: the outcome of the chess game is of great importance. If you had a dream that you won, it means you will easily overcome any obstacles. Did you happen to lose? According to the dream book, success is doubtful.

Did you make the wrong move in chess? The new work will not bring pleasure, and your opinion will be erroneous.

If in a dream the match ended in a draw, this means a fateful meeting with an interesting personality is coming, which will be the beginning of great love or friendship.

Why else do you dream of chess? It depends on with whom you happened to play. Playing chess with a stranger in a dream - predicts intrigue that is being weaved around you.

Did you have a chess game with a friend? Soon you will be disappointed in him. If you had a chance to play chess with a deceased, this means you will have to make a choice, on which a lot depends.

The chessboard seen in a dream symbolizes difficult work. If you dreamed of an empty chessboard, then you will not be able to reconcile with a relative.

Why do you dream about chess pieces? Dream Interpretation is sure that your secrets will be revealed. To see chess pieces means that soon you will have to concentrate all your strength and mental abilities.

    When deciphering the vision, one should definitely take into account the significance of the chess pieces themselves.
  • White pieces - mark a lucrative offer.
  • Black pieces - mean loss.
  • Pawns predicts a hoax.
  • Rook - trips, business trips.
  • Bishop - the need for moderation.
  • The king represents the person to be protected.
  • The queen means a puzzle.

Why is the chess knight seen in a dream? In a dream, it is a symbol of fate itself and its inevitability. Moreover, if the knight is white, then the changes will be pleasant, if it is black - it is unlikely.

Sergii Haranenko

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