Pencil Dream Meaning

What does someone dream of a pencil? The dream interpretation calls it a symbol of knowledge, creativity, new achievements, as well as an honorable profession. Since what it wrote can be erased, the pencil’s appearance in a dream also means greater freedom in the opportunity to express oneself. In addition, you need to consider what you did with the pencil in your dream - you were drawing, wrote something, painted your eyes or lips.

The dream about pencil foreshadows a certain fascinating, profitable occupation, moreover, supposedly associated with intellectual and not physical abilities. Perhaps this will be a new interesting work. Dream Interpretation states: such an activity will bring you pleasure.

To write with a pencil in a dream – means you will find something to your liking. Sharpening a pencil in a dream means jot awaits you. Good news or an event that will bring satisfaction is possible.

Why do you dream a blunt or broken pencil? You recently ignored some important little things, as a result of which you can seriously suffer. The dream book advises: remember the events of the recent past, maybe you can fix something.

A well sharpened pencil in a dream symbolizes good memory and observation. You should remember the recent event. Upon comprehending it, you will get new information, you can understand something.

Did you have a dream about a broken pencil? The vision promises personal failures, many obstacles on the path of life. The dream interpretation emphasizes: do not despair, move forward, because success depends on your determination to achieve it. Sharpening it in a dream is a favorable omen. The dreamer will be able to overcome all the difficulties that arise.

For a young girl a dream where she wrote with simple or colored pencils promises a happy marriage, a quiet family life. However, to erase what is written means to be disappointed in your beloved.

Why do you dream of using a lip liner or color your eyes with a pencil? This dream signals the desire of the girl to love and to be loved. However, their excessive use indicates a desire to seem different than she actually is.

Putting makeup on your eyes or painting your eyebrows with a black pencil in a dream – means that thanks to your openness and the sexual energy emanating from you, a new acquaintance is ahead. The dream book warns: be careful before rushing headlong into new feelings, you should get to know the person better.

To draw with a pencil in a dream – means the dreamer will be successful with the opposite sex. A new acquaintance is foreshadowed by a dream where the sleeper examined pictures drawn by someone else.

Why do you dream of just seeing a pencil? There is an opportunity to make a choice that will affect many people. The dream interpretation recommends: you should carefully consider the options, since not only you, but also other people depend on it.

Did you have a chance to buy a pencil in a dream? Perhaps you will have another enemy. However, buying a set of colorful pencils portends a young woman a very happy marriage.

To dream that someone is sharpening a pencil or even just holding it in his hand is a warning. The dream book claims: many people can learn your important secrets. Try not to spread them even to your closest friends, because the secret known to two ceases to be it.

Why do you dream to painting a drawing with colored pencils? The dreamer will be able to "color" his life, to give it a variety. But when too vivid, unnatural colors were seen in a dream - according to the dream book, this means that dreams about successful completion of some business would collapse.

To draw with colored pencils in a dream means to get some important news about a friend who is absent.

It is important what colors a person used in his dream. Brown, saturated blue, generally dark color pencils mean a complex, confusing situation. Yellow, pink, blue, other light shades of pencils – symbolize positive development of events, simple and understandable circumstances.

According to the Muslim dreambook, a pencil case symbolizes an old woman, or a pregnant woman, or a benefit from a rich woman.

Sergii Haranenko
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