Hula-hoop Dream Meaning

A dream about this sports equipment is a sign of a strong and reliable relationship - this is how popular dream books answer the question of what meaning of hoops in dreams.

Jumping through a hula-hoop yourself or watching others do it - something bad will happen that disrupts your usual life, but if you get together and turn on your mind, you can fix it.

To see dolphins jumping through a hoop in a pool - in reality you need to be resourceful and savvy in order to achieve your goals and objectives.

Buying or selling a hula-hoop symbolizes the approach of something bad. But you will be able to avoid worries and problems if you analyze the situation properly, Tsvetkov’s dream book predicts.

Jumping through a hoop, twisting it yourself, or seeing others spin it and jump - all this that comes to you in a dream means that you will be able to become a winner in any trouble, but only if you connect your mind and quick wits to solving the problem.

If you had a dream that you have broken a hoop - beware of being deceived in your expectations. You put too many hopes on something that you doubt. If you do not want to be upset - do not stand far-reaching plans.

To find a broken hula-hoop is a symbol of sadness for no reason, Autumn Dream Book predicts.

Spinning the hoop so hard that it flew away from you, fell and broke - wait for a quarrel with an old friend, buddy or colleague.

If you saw a lot of broken hoops – this is a bad dream. The interpretation is the following: you risk losing friendship with a large number of people by your actions. You are not behaving correctly; the position taken by you is not acceptable to everyone. If you want not to lose the necessary connections - change your behavior.

Sergii Haranenko
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