Clouds Dream Meaning And Symbolism

At all times people loved to look at the sky. What does it mean if you are watching the clouds in your dream? To dream of white transparent clouds through which the sun is seen - the dream interpretation is as follows: no matter how bad things are going - don’t worry, everything will be fine soon thanks to your active work.

To admire the stars that peep through a light white haze in a dream - expect a lot of small joys and good fortunes, as Miller's dreambook portends.

Flying in a dream over soft cumulus "lamb" - wait for the onset of a light stage in your life.

If you had a dream that you touch a small pink cloud - most likely, some small old dream will come true.

Walking on white or pink "lamb" cloud - in reality you dream of bright and pure love.

Seeing a cloud in the shape of a heart in a dream – means that in real life your love is mutual.

If you dream that you are sitting on the heavenly clouds, dream books advise you to "go down from heaven to earth" - you are too dreamy, dreams distract you from work, which can negatively affect it.

Black low-hanging clouds portend trouble, and maybe illness, for someone from close friends or relatives.

If you dreamed about fast-running dark clouds – this is a sign of imminent sorrows and troubles.

To see how you fly among black thunderclouds, and lightnings sparkle around you – such dream mean that failure in business will become your companions for a long time.

If you dreamed of heavy “lead” clubs of steam, painted red by sunset - the dream book warns: do not tackle things that you can’t cope with according to your premonitions, so it will happen.

If there is a dream that you walk under heavy thunderclouds, from which it rains and see how large drops of water fall to the ground and scatter in hundreds of splashes – you will hear some news that is not very pleasant for you, maybe gossip about yourself.

If you dreamed that you were flying among the clouds, painted with colorful paints - in real life a pleasant journey or a walk will happen, perhaps even a date.

In a dream, you sat on a rainbow and touched floating clouds with your hands - the long-awaited and well-deserved success is already hurrying to you.

If you suddenly fell from a rainbow directly into a fluffy cloud that tastes like cotton candy – this means success will come not alone, it will bring financial independence with you, for sure, they will give you a big bonus, the dream book promises.

If you see in a dream that you ride on a cloud, swim over the tops of the mountains and touch them with your hands - in reality you will touch some secret, what was a mystery will cease to be such.

If you noticed that the cloud becomes bizarre in shape and shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow - expect a pleasant surprise, something unexpected, perhaps a gift, as stated in the dream book about this dream.

Dark clouds in a dream are a sign of anxiety that has taken possession of a person. Features, details, related events can more accurately indicate the cause of concern, sometimes implicit, hidden in the subconscious.

According to the dream book, to see thunderclouds in a dream is the embodiment of a brewing conflict. The accumulated irritation is ready to develop into an open skirmish, unless you can soberly analyze the situation and discuss the claims in a civilized manner.

If you dreamed that clouds were approaching the sun – this means emotions would prevail over the mind.

Dream interpretation of Hasse gives a rather detailed interpretation of what different types of thunderclouds mean in a dream. Black thunderclouds - a person is in danger. Fast flying clouds remind that everything in the world is changing. Beautiful clouds predict calm happiness. Light silvery cloud is a harbinger of a carefree existence, while yellowish ones promise sorrow.

The clouds at sunset are interpreted as a sign of a carefree life. If they closed the moon, the Jewish dream book promises a hassle between spouses.

Why do you dream about dark clouds that do not leave a gap in the sky: the dreamer will make an unpleasant discovery for himself. To see how stars peep through them is a sign that a poetic mood and unhurried thoughts about the eternal will take hold of you.

If the clouds hang over your head in a dream - this is a warning that the appointed romantic date may not take place.

Why do you dream of such a rare occurrence as lightning between clouds on a clear sky? In this case, it is impossible to resist the blows of fate, and it remains to hope that the streak of setbacks in life sooner or later ends anyway.

If you dreamed how clouds rain down on the earth: it will wash away all the dirt from the soul, relieve mental stress and revive life, an emotional uplift will give strength to the dreamer. Looking at the clouds through the window – is a sign of gloom.

If it rains in a small area, interpreters portend rebellions and epidemics.

Why does one dream of cirrus clouds? This means you should wait for new love.

Sergii Haranenko
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