Cursing Dream Meaning

If you happened to curse someone in a dream, it means that you will be persecuted by failures and problems.

Seeing that someone curses you in a dream, remember whom you wrongly hurt in recent days. Such a vision, according to Miller’s dream book, means a restless conscience when you know that you were wrong, but you don’t have the strength to apologize.

If you dreamed that you cursed someone – it is a sign that you will develop in yourself the qualities that can turn you into cad and rude. But to see in a dream a lot of gypsies cursing someone means a massive conflict, of which you can become a participant or an observer.

Vanga also gives her interpretation of a plot where you were cursed by someone. This means you need to tame your overly emotional nature.

Do you see the curses of a woman being sent to you? Remember who this woman was to you, the dream book advises. Did your mother damn you? Inquire about her state of health, she is quite likely to be unwell. Hearing your beloved curse is a sign of lack of attention. And if you dreamed that a woman unknown to you was cursing you, it means that soon you will have an influential rival.

According to Loff, sending curses to any person in a dream is a symbol of uncertainty. Did you curse the church for calling you to humility? You should think about the soul, you are paying too much attention to carnal pleasures and entertainment, the interpreter thinks. Why do you dream of cursing a stranger? Most likely, you are angry with someone from your relatives, but you cannot tell him about it.

Cursing your own husband in a dream predicts a quarrel with him in reality. And if it was the husband of a friend, then this is a sign that you will learn some unpleasant news about him.

To curse your enemy is a sign of reconciliation with him in reality, says the Modern dreambook.

The interpretation of a dream in which you damn yourself says the following: if you do not have a couple, you can hope for a new acquaintance with an interesting person; but for those who have already got a family, you should try offer your partner to start building relationships in a new way by giving them more romance and tenderness.

To curse everything in a bad mood is a sign of unreasonable anxieties and worries.

    The dreambooks recommend remembering the reaction of the person to the curses:
  • Crying – unpleasant consequences of the silly act you made;
  • Laughter – no need to worry, the problems will pass on their own;
  • Surprise – you should be ready for unpleasant surprises and obstacles;
  • Indifference – you are emotionally “burnt out”;
  • You got damnation in reply – be ready for fight with your rivals;
  • You got beaten – new interesting acquaintances and events.
Sergii Haranenko
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