Dark-blue Color Dream Meaning

If a certain color prevails in a dream, the dreambooks consider such image a reflection of emotions and desires.

Navy-blue colors in clothes emphasize courage and male character traits. Women's clothes personify the execution of the conceived and work in this direction. Classic-looking blue jeans foreshadow profits.

To see dark blue leather clothes is a sign proving that you do not intend to put up with fate and undertake everything in your power to change the situation in your favor.

If you dreamed about painting the walls in bright navy-blue paint, the dream symbolizes completeness and satisfaction with the result. This interpretation concerns a variety of life areas: career and personal growth, spiritual development, education.

As for the shades of blue, turquoise color symbolizes pacification, light-blue means serenity and inner freedom, indigo indicates frenzy, deliberately dirty tones mean a tendency to depression.

Dark-blue interior often reflects the real emotional state of the dreamer. The symbol speaks of excessive anxiety, which in itself attracts danger and difficulties.

There is also another explanation of painting the walls in this color. It seems that the dreamer has something to hide from loved ones; it is possible that for their own good.

If you dreamed in abundance of dark-blue color, Miller’s dreambook draws attention to the dreamer’s feelings. If this color does not cause discomfort, the meaning of the dream is neutral. It is an indicator of harmony and balance.

The abundance of dark-blue in a dream may indicate non-acceptance of oneself, habits of suppressing one's aspirations and feelings. In such cases, the image of a dream continues to oppress even after waking up.

Those who are filled with spiritual warmth, compassion, understanding in reality may often see a lot of ultramarine color in night dreams.

If you happen to see a bright ultramarine color of your hair, this image in a dream speaks of your jealousy, often groundless.

Seeing your own face with dark-blue skin in a dream is a warning. Someone intends to slander you, and, quite possibly, he will succeed. If you see someone else’s face of such a non-standard color, consider whether you are always tactful with others.

The blue face often embodies such abstract concepts as infinity, wisdom, mysticism.

If you dreamed of a blue-tinted photograph, concentrate your attention so that you do miss something meaningful to you.

Sergii Haranenko
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