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Dark-blue Snake Dream Meaning

A dark-blue snake in a dream warns of real danger or all kinds of trouble in various areas of life, and also calls for wisdom and caution. To see a snake of such an unusual color means that you need to be persistent and stubborn, but you should not forget about patience, gentleness and in all respects to comply with the measure.

Some dreambooks consider that a navy-blue snake symbolizes nobility and faith, inspires love and kindness. If you saw such creature in your dream, you should show impartiality and slowness in judgments, try to get rid of unnecessary self-pity and look at the circumstances a bit detached.

As for negative interpretation, a dark-blue snake is considered to be a sign of danger and threat. If the appearance of a slippery guest frightened you, this means your anger or, on the contrary, weakness, are generated by personal fears. In addition, there is a dependence on external events.

Any discomfort at the sight of a snake hints at coldness, detachment. It is possible that difficulties in personal relationships will begin in real life, you will literally be no longer understood.

If a dream about dark-blue snake didn’t cause any emotions, the dreambooks assume that you will be able to curb your negative feelings and keep them under control. In addition, the situation when you have to make a really important decision is approaching.

If you dream that you experienced the strongest discomfort, the plot show that suppressing the negative inside, you just paint yourself into a corner.

Seeing a snake and experiencing panic means that you are really afraid of something. This leads to conflicts with those around you and yourself.

It is a bad sign to see a dark-blue snake twisting around your whole body and even stinging you. This means you will get severely ill or powerless before enemies, circumstances.

Some dreambooks consider that a dark-blue snake is a symbol of a big dream coming true, which will bring joy and elation.

If you saw a snake ball, the dream interpretation is sure: you are completely entangled in intrigues, and there is almost no chance to get out of a bad history.

If you happened to see dark-blue serpents in stead of your hair, this is a sign that your own unflattering thoughts or intentions will lead you into a dead end in life.

If you happened to walk in an area teeming with reptiles in a dream, this means that you will live the closest life period in constant fear.

    You should also consider the actions of the snake in a dream:
  • Snake lay quietly - the work will not bring satisfaction.
  • Snake crawled across the road - someone vigorously disturbs you.
  • Crawled into your bed - betrayal, the charges without reason.
  • Snake attacked - stage of difficulties and hardships.
  • Snake bit you - you will survive the greatest suffering, emotional stress.
  • Snake fell from above - remorse, a difficult struggle.

If you dreamed of a lot of reptiles within a small space, this means you will trust an outsider and get into big trouble.

If an unusual navy-blue snake hypnotized you with its look, you will have to face a strong counterpart. But if the image suddenly lost its clear shape, this is a good sign. Dream interpretation states that sad fears will disappear soon; so keep moving towards your goal.

If you watched a huge dark-blue snake twist around the body of someone you know, he will suffer a sad fate in the form of a deadly disease, and you will find out about it among the first.

If you set on a snake and it bit someone, this means you will make something to hurt people close to you.

If the wonderful snake shed its skin, this means that a meeting with a strong personality is approaching. It will change your life and make you think about eternal values.

Meeting a snake in real life: what are the omens and superstitions? Should you drive a snake away from your home?

Sergii Haranenko

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