Blue Color Dream Meaning

In general blue color seen in a dream is a symbol of wisdom, respect, honor, protection from evil, stability. This sign in a dream indicates spiritual needs, the need for peace, contemplative pastime. The symbol of blue color personifies frankness, devotion, peace, testifies to the need for love. This sign in a dream emphasizes: you are balanced, optimistic, but at the same time sad about something.

A dream, where the dreamer just looks at the blue water or sky is considered very favorable. It is very good when it is bright and like pouring from somewhere, surrounds a person in his dream.

The negative aspect of the image of blue color in a dream is depression, discontent with oneself, one’s actions. Therefore, having seen such color in a dream, especially in clothes, you need to analyze your actions, determine what caused such emotions, try to correct the situation.

The dream about blue sea can represent the subconscious, the feminine, deep secrets. The sky symbolizes consciousness, the masculine, and an open part of the inner world.

Seeing sky of a beautiful blue color is a very positive symbol promising getting rid of many difficulties which will make your life better. The dream of clear sky, according to Miller’s dreambook, foreshadows a successful journey, spiritual harmony; those who have lost something will find their loss.

To dream in blue means: all your wishes will be fulfilled. There comes a favorable time for financial as well as personal affairs.

Often seeing blue color in a dream means that the person needs to have a rest and devote some time to spiritual sphere. Gypsy dreambook explains the presence of blue in a dream by your desire for some changes. To do this, you need to change the environment, leave to another country to have a good rest.

If a young girl sees blue clothes in a dream, the dreambooks promise her heartache because of a young man. Such clothes foreshadow you scandalous glory. Therefore, you should try to behave more modestly, not to provoke a negative reaction from others.

The blue color that prevails in the room where the person is in the dream warns about coming financial difficulties.

Miller interprets blue sea as the futility of expectations, as the dreamer plunges into carnal pleasures, forgetting about spiritual needs.

Seeing the interior with a predominance of blue tones means that due to the lack of thoughtfulness, the dreamer's plans will be upset, which will be aided by the absence of supporters, a lack of understanding of the ideas around him. The sleeper may succumb to some temptations, as a result of which family troubles are possible.

Sergii Haranenko
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