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High Temperature Dream Meaning

If you had a dream that you have high fever, this plot means you should pay attention to your health. It is also a sign that a period of troubles is coming.

Feeling feverish in a dream means you can get into a very tense situation, with the heat of relationships and feelings. If the child has fever in your dream, this plot is a reflection of problems at home and at work.

According to Modern dreambook, dreams of high body temperature are a sign of unexpected and insulting failure. Especially if the fever happened suddenly and asymptomatically.

If you saw an acquaintance with high fever, this dream promises suffering and grief due to the fact that you did not take someone's promises seriously. Getting down body temperature in a dream means to solve all those issues that cause difficulty.

    The dreambooks give short interpretations of dreams about fever:
  • Having fever in a dream – sudden deterioration of health;
  • Someone else is feverish – be careful taking decisions;
  • Taking one’s temperature – success depends on your ability to concentrate;
  • Midday heat – your career will develop greately;
  • Hot air in steam room – high efficiency.

If looking at the thermometer outside the window, one sees that the temperature in the street is very high, you should watch your actions, as well as the words in the team, because this vision means the heated atmosphere around the dreamer, as the Eastern dream book believes.

The dreambooks also give other interpretations of plots out high temperature outside. You diligently lined up your way to the heights of your career, so if the thermometer notes that it is hot in the street in a dream, this means a completely natural and deserved promotion.

Dreams about high temperature in the steam room, predict excellent health and well-being. For a person who is ill, the dream promises a quick recovery.

Sergii Haranenko

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