Drug Addict Dream Meaning

What it means if you saw a junkie in your dream? If you saw a drug addict in a dream or anything related to him, you do not need to be scared. A dream has an allegorical meaning, and its details are a kind of warning, a hint of what you should be feared. Having opened the dream book, one can understand why one dreams of seeing oneself, a brother or husband as drug addicted.

To become a drug user in a dream or to find out that someone close to you, e.g. your husband or son, has such problems – is a warning for the sleeping person. There will be a period of failures at work, stagnation. Dream Interpretation recommends: now is the time to be careful. Conflict must be avoided, especially with those who can seriously harm you.

Seeing a crackhead in a dream predicts future unpleasant life changes. Therefore, you need to tune up properly in order to adequately resist them and be able to find a way out of this situation.

Why do you dream of becoming a drug addict? Such an image signals: the dreamer is too dependent on the opinions of others. Did you have a dream of finding drugs at your place? Such a vision portends fraud. Giving up drugs in a dream - according to the dream book, means making the right balanced decision in some important situation.

Seeing yourself using drugs in a dream promises the dreamer an unfavorable stage in life. His dream world, so convenient and comfortable, will be treacherously destroyed by the betrayal of a loved one. The dream book warns: you should look at the world more realistic, do not get too carried away with fantasies, because disappointment can be crushing.

Why do you dream that your loved one or a husband is taking drugs? Failures in the business field are possible – seemingly successful projects and plans may fail. You should once again think over the ways of their implementation, perhaps you still missed some details. Also, a similar plot promises quarrels with friends.

If a man dreamed that his beloved woman began to take drugs from disappointment in everything – this is a warning about future failures. In addition, such a symbol portends the loss of a friend.

Seeing a drug addict in a dream promises trouble; perhaps a loved one will seriously fall ill. It also means that the dreamer may be a victim of theft.

Why else do you dream of being a drug addict, using drugs? Probably, in reality you should break a certain ban that is important for you. The dream book warns: negative consequences are possible, so before you act, you need to think about what the outcome will be.

Did you have a dream of becoming a junkie? Despite the fact that you do not have great physical strength, nevertheless, you have significant impact on other people. A dream signals you should try limiting it.

If you dream that a drug addict takes a dose, this means you should be ready for a serious illness, the culprit of which will be you. Dream Interpretation warns: you should pay more attention to your health, take care of yourself to avoid diseases.

Why do you dream of smuggling drugs? Soon you will be able to make a worthy deed, which will greatly enhance your reputation in society.

When you dreamed that your brother , son or other relative or acquaintance, friend became a drug addict – this means someone close would stop the dreamer from reaching his important goal. Moreover, he will be using any means for this.

If a tweaker obsessively invites you to get high - this portends that an offer will be received to become a member of some kind of scam soon. The dream book advises: no matter how attractive the invitation may be, it is better to refuse, because the adventure is unlikely to be a success.

If you had a dream about how you gave drugs to someone, the news about the illness of a family member awaits you. When in a dream you discouraged others from taking the prohibited substances, it means you will bring joy and good to the life of those around you. Dream Interpretation recommends: continue to follow this path, then luck and prosperity will accompany you.

    The dreambooks give a number of brief interpretations about drug addicts seen in a dream:
  • sick junkie - means a fight;
  • drug abuser in blood - emotional burnout;
  • pothead with a knife - predicts litigation;
  • a dying addict - the end of the period of troubles and problems;
  • a user with a syringe - large losses;
  • to see how drug addicts give an injection - means waste of time;
  • to find a friend in drug stash - disappointment in a friend;
  • to save a person from drug addiction - respect and recognition from colleagues;
  • to become a drug addict - means deterioration of the financial situation;
  • to run away from a drug addict - to a temporary truce with a detractor;
  • to kill a drug addict - imprisonment;
  • to see yourself addicted - means drastic worsening of your health;
  • if a junkie is running - this predicts a long-way trip;
  • drug abuser chasing someone - means hard work;
  • many drug users - symbolize a lot of unfinished issues;
  • seeing a drug addict die of an overdose - promises small profit;
  • addicts in jail are a symbol of good news.
    What it means if someone close to you was a drug user in your dream?
  • brother - reconciliation with an old friend;
  • ex-boyfriend - the desire to renew relations with him;
  • girl-friend - treason and betrayal;
  • daughter - pride in her achievements;
  • a friend - getting help finding a job;
  • a familiar person - resumption of old business relationships;
  • a beloved husband - parting with him;
  • mother - a pleasant conversation with parents;
  • father - longing for loved ones;
  • a female friend - a quarrel with her;
  • deceased - the death of a close friend or relative;
  • neighbors - a conflict with them;
  • son - concern about his safety.
Sergii Haranenko
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