Eating Chicken Dream Meaning

According to Miller, catching, cooking and eating chicken in a dream predicts a visit of distant relatives. If the whole process, from catching to cooking, was successful, it means that guests will be welcome.

Any kind of difficulty seen in a dream and your not wishing to catch the chicken or not tasty dish is a sign of unwanted guests. Take into account the clues from your dream and think about your behavior.

As for eating a fried or grilled chicken, the Moon dreambook promises luck and stability, both financial and professional.

Eating a chicken fried on fire in a dream and experiencing unprecedented pleasure is a symbol of the fact that you can succumb to temptation. The Modern dreambook also promises dreams about purchasing something coming true.

If you were eating boiled chicken, but it was so fat that your hands were covered in fat as well, boredom and despondency are waiting for you. Do not give in to emotions, remember - such periods, as a rule, do not last long.

If you dreamed that you eat boiled lean chicken, not fat at all, this is a sign that you will be bored, but no more. The solution is simple - get carried away with something new, preferably extreme.

Eating raw chicken in a dream is a very unpleasant precursor, meaning illness. If you see in a dream how you, cutting up a chicken, cut off and put pieces of raw meat in your mouth, this is a sign that you are surrounded by envious people, Vanga’s dreambook states. Their actions can harm your health, especially your nervous system.

As for English dreambook, it suddenly gives a different interpretation of dreams about eating raw chicken. According to this source, this dream is a promise of unexpected presents and surprises.

    The dreambooks also give interpretations of spoiled chicken dishes:
  • chicken with worms - look carefully at your surroundings, there are traitors in it;
  • rotten chicken - troubles and problems that gossip will give you;
  • burnt - you are too active, not everyone likes it;
  • underdone - and this is the opposite, a sign of lethargy and indecision.
Sergii Haranenko
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