Chicken Hatched Dream Meaning

If you watched a chicken hatching in a dream, this image predicts great joy. This same image in a dream reflects the most timid part of the dreamer's personality, his innermost dreams.

If a chicken hatched in your dream, this image means you should not make premature conclusions because the situation may take an unpredictable turn. Seeing a baby bird being born also means that you are not quite sure about the future, you may be feeling timidity before coming events.

If you personally were sitting in a chicken nest and waiting for something to hatch, dream interpretation believes that close people need your participation and help.

If you had to wait for a long time for the baby chicken to hatch, this means you will have to work hard before to accomplish your goal. If a chicken suddenly hatched in your dream, you will make a pleasant or necessary purchase in reality. Besides that the dreambooks think that a distant relative can make an unexpected present.

If you decided to fry eggs and a live chick fell out of the shell in a dream, this means that you are using a rare opportunity extremely unwise.

Seeing a chicken hatch out of an egg means that at the moment you feel your absolute helplessness and need support. In addition, it is likely that you will have a very stupid or too naive friend. The dreambooks also recommend getting ready for problems related to children.

Waiting too long for a chicken to hatch also means that you are doing a business that has lost its former relevance.

    The dreambooks also pay attention to the color of the chicken that hatched:
  • White chick – love, marriage, pleasant acquaintance;
  • Yellow chick – guests, fast success;
  • Golden chick – happiness, wealth, general welfare;
  • Black chick –quarrel, depression.

If the chicken that hatched in your dream had a fantastic coloring, you should get ready for a trip even if it was not in your plans at all.

A chicken hatching from an egg also means you will soon receive an offer that will seem profitable but will bring only problems. Sometimes the interpretation is the opposite and predicts getting profit.

If such dream was seen by a pregnant woman, the dreambooks predict birth of a girl.

If the chicken hatched chicks in your dream, this plot is a sign of a pleasant event coming.

If a lonely lady-dreamer saw chicks that just hatched, this means she will have a big and friendly family in future.

Sergii Haranenko
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