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Elephant Calf Dream Meaning And Symbolism

elephant running away

What is the elephant calf meaning in dreams? If you had a dream that you were watching a little elephant in wildlife you can expect acquaintance with an important person who will play a significant role in your life. As Miller states, if you are lonely, you may find your second half.

A dream about a newly born baby elephant that is sucking his mom means you will have to take a very important decision that will influence the rest of your life. A dream when a big elephant is bathing an elephant calf promises a quiet family happiness and coziness. Seeing a big herd of elephants with their babies predicts a big financial winning, the Eastern dreambook promises.

If the baby elephant was in your house you can expect some troubles. If the elephant calf was white the chores will pleasant; if he was dark – problems and ado are waiting for you. If you got scared seeing a giant elephant baby at your place, you will have to put a lot of efforts to avoid obstacles on your way for plans’ fulfilling.

Feeding a baby elephant in your dream means that your financial situation will depend on others. You will have to put a lot of effort so that people believe you and help, you will even have to use cunningness.

bathing an elephant calf

If you see a pink elephant this dream symbolizes that you are being too romantic in real life. It is time to get down from the dream clouds otherwise luck will turn its back to you. If you see an elephant and its calf on the circus arena in costumes or painted pink or any other color is a promise of joy, fun and good mood. If you were watching white elephant calves in the zoo, this dream is telling about your unstable position in society. Seeing a baby elephant’s appearance in a street fair can predict an interesting and educating trip to the places you have never been.

If you witnessed the birth of an elephant calf, this dream plot means that one of your friends will need your help. If you were holding the newly born baby elephant in your hands, this means that you will need help yourself. Playing with a baby elephant predicts a favorable period in life, but not a very long-lasting. If you saw a dream about little elephants playing with each other, this is a symbol that you will witness a very touching and unusual event. Riding a baby elephant is a very good symbol of luck, success and promotion.

A wounded elephant or its baby is a sign of danger and serious problems. Do not solve any problems without thinking everything over properly. If you were running away from a furious animal, this means you should beware or rivals in your business. Hunting a little elephant in a dream is also a bad sign: you can hurt someone with your words or actions.

Sergii Haranenko

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