Escape From Jail Dream Meaning

Jail break

If you managed to escape from prison in your dream, you should remember that this is always a warning symbol. The dreambooks advise not to make any thoughtless steps now and think well about what you do or say. The prison itself represents both a trap and a relative protection as well.

Dream about being in jail and escaping predicts getting obstacles on the way to your goal. A dream of a jailbreak also predicts troubles because of a lot of unfinished business.

One of the explanations states that the dream shows your inability to fulfill your plans and recommends you thinking properly before taking some radical actions. Another interpretation of a dream about escaping prison reflects overcoming the conventions and revival.

Escaping prison with friends in a dream means breaking off relations with them; running away from jail with a loved one - means a loss of trust on his part.

    The dream interpretation may vary depending on who saw the break out of prison:
  • Married person dreams of prison break – long-awaited divorce;
  • A woman dreams about escaping the prison – the dream reflects her cheating;
  • A man seen jailbreak in a dream – means breaking the law;
  • Young people dream about escape from prison – spoiled relations;
  • Elder people see prison escape in dreams – rest and peace.
Planning escape from prison

If you managed to fulfill the escape in the dream, you should better revise your lifestyle and make changes if required. This plot can also indicate that a risky idea will be successful. The image of planning a jail break in a dream also symbolizes getting rid of difficult illness or other obstacles. Breaking from captivity will bring progress in your tasks and business.

But if you got wounded during the break, the dream symbolizes that you will get into trouble. A dream about a crowd of prisoners breaking the prison bar is a bad sign, it is a sign of serious public conflicts or warning about deceit.

Miller’s dream interpretation states that if the prison break was successful, you will get profit and will be able to pay your debts. It is even a better plot if you helped somebody escape from jail. If you had a dream about hiding a person who escaped from jail at your place, in reality your relations with him will get worse.

If the prison break in your dream was not successful, you should not plan any new beginnings: you will fail. If you had to break prison bars in order to escape, this dream means you will get rid of someone’s influence and pressure in real life. An unsuccessful break can also symbolize ruining your reputation and serious losses. If you were returned to prison at the attempt to escape, this plot means your enemies will win after a difficult struggle. The dreambooks think that you will also not be able to get control over your passions and feelings and this will do no good to you.

    What are the Top-5 bad prison escape dream meanings?
  • The mass escape of prisoners means appropriating other people's merits.
  • Repeated jailbreak - warns of a meeting with a dangerous person.
  • Sitting in prison and escaping after being denied early release means an insult to close relatives.
  • Escaping from the colony and returning home - longing for loved ones.
  • Making an unsuccessful escape, but getting free later - a period of loneliness.
    What are the Top-5 good dreams about breaking out of prison?
  • Escaping from prison and then returning - mutual understanding in relations with family members.
  • Escaping the jail and being caught means good luck in business.
  • Seeing your parents escape from the cell means resolving a long-standing conflict.
  • Seeing a famous person escaping prison - making big profits.
  • Celebrity escapes and is put behind bars again - fulfilling your desire.
Sergii Haranenko
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