Missing Person Dream Meaning

What dream that a man has disappeared means? Dream interpretation claims: this is an unfavorable sign, promising problems in business and relationships with others. A vision in a dream warns of some loss, disappointment, or the need to improve.

If it was your acquaintance who went missing, this dream speaks of misunderstandings between you and problems in your relations.

To see how a person disappeared in a dream means: the sleeper feels discontent towards himself, his capabilities or the place he occupies.

If someone close to you is missing in a dream, this means you will lose something important. This is not necessarily something material, you can also lose your patronage or lose the necessary connections.

If you dreamed of one of the relatives missing, this image warns: your own undertaking will disappoint you, despite a well thought out plan.

Did you see in a dream how a friend went missing? A difficult period is approaching when your endeavors will come up against obstacles, and discord will arise in mutual relations.

A strange dream of own missing means: the dreamer is convinced that he is useless, his family or loved one is indifferent to him. It seems to the dreamer that they begin to worry if he disappears. However, such thoughts are only an artificial attempt to fill his spiritual emptiness. A much better way out of such beliefs will be to find hobbies that will interest you and shift the emphasis on them.

If you dreamed that your co-worker went missing, the plot may be a reflection of the dreamer’s envy of a colleague, his achievements or his standard of living. One should work on himself, get rid of these negative feelings so that they do not spoil your life.

If you lost someone in the middle of the crowd and couldn’t find, this image shows your doubts in each other.

The dream of the disappearance of a boyfriend or girlfriend signals a hidden desire to part.

If a member of your family is missing and no one knows where he is, this plot promises that this person will have a long-lasting work trip.

    The dreambooks take into consideration who is missing in your dream:
  • Parents – their health might deteriorate;
  • Spouse – serious conflicts;
  • Small child – you worry about the child too much;
  • Teenager – he has some difficulties but doesn’t want to share;
  • Acquaintance – problems in relations with him.
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