Being Imprisoned Dream Meaning

If you are suddenly sent to prison in a dream, then take this as a sign of danger that arose because you did not heed the warning in time.

Did you have a dream of being put in jail? In reality, you will experience a feeling of loss of freedom associated with quite positive changes. For example, marriage, a new position or the birth of children.

The dream interpretation advises to pay attention to the room itself in a dream. If the prison is spacious, brightly lit, this means the changes will bring satisfaction. The dark and small cell without windows symbolizes cramped conditions and poverty.

If you are imprisoned on false charges, this means you will be able to cope with competitors in reality. If you dreamed that you recognize your own guilt, you should expect streaks of failure and bad luck in everything.

If you were suddenly arrested, then you risk in vain and it is better to think of a more secure way to solve the problem. Seeing yourself imprisoned is a matter of need and anxiety, which, however, will be replaced by unconditional success and happiness.

The dream interpretation suggests that you are tormented by doubts, insecurity, and fears in reality. You are unconsciously seeking protection. This is especially true if, once imprisoned in a dream, you experience absolute satisfaction and tranquility. If you dreamed that you were sent to prison, this means you will soon be able to find the best ways to protect yourself and increase your self-esteem.

However, Miller’s dream book is sure: if you were imprisoned in a dream, future events will have an extremely negative impact on your business.

Why else do people dream that they are going to jail? To see yourself in the dungeons means that you will undertake a very difficult and responsible task. If you happened to look at the world through the bars in a dream, this means you are in someone’s power and are under pressure from outside.

But for businessmen, a dream interpretation considers such a vision to be an omen of successful entrepreneurship, stability and family peace.

What it means if you saw other people imprisoned in a dream? If they are relatives or friends, the dream book thinks that you are abusing their kindness.

To see how strangers are sent to prison in a dream means that you are not able to decide on some action, and this more and more puts off your luck. If unfamiliar comrades strongly resist arrest, this means a hopeless case will turn into an absolute triumph.

Did the young girl dream that her beloved got behind bars? The dream interpretation guarantees that he will be faithful to her until the end of his days. To widows an arrest in a dream promises gaining hope for new relationship.

If a guy gets into prison in a dream, this is a sign that he will reach great heights and marry an understanding and smart girl.

    The dream details will help you get the correct interpretation:
  • Seeing yourself imprisoned – can mean a nonlethal disease;
  • Seeing any man you do not know in prison – business offer;
  • A woman imprisoned – judgment;
  • Seeing your spouse in jail – troubles;
  • Child in prison – unfulfilled plans.
Sergii Haranenko

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