Father Kissing You Dream Meaning

If a person is hugged and kissed by his father in a dream, it means that he has support from strong and influential people. The dream image means that any difficulties are surmountable. However, if a deceased father was seen in a dream in bad mood, you should be wary. Why one dreams of kisses of dead people is well revealed by ancient dream books.

Gustav Miller believes that it is always good to see your deceased parents in a dream. The deceased members of the family protect the dreamer from troubles. Especially if you dreamed of how your father hugs and kisses you. Such situations are good for both women and men.

    In order to establish for certain what the manifestation of tenderness on the part of the deceased person means in dreams, it is necessary to remember what body part was kissed:
  • father kissed you on the forehead - means forgiveness of all sins;
  • a kiss in the eyes - promises blessing;
  • kissing father on the lips - is a warning;
  • father kissed your cheek – brings profit.

Eastern dream books give interesting interpretations of what the deceased father kissing you means in a dream. It turns out that it is always good to see a deceased relative in a dream. On the one hand, a dream means some difficulties, problem situations, on the other hand, the dreamer's chosenness, luck is emphasized.

If the kiss was on the forehead, it means that the sins that have burdened your soul for a long time will be forgiven. The offenders, in turn, will also be able to prove their loyalty and faithfulness in reality, if you dreamed that you liked communicating with older family members.

A surge of strength and health awaits everyone who dreamed that his father was kissing him in the eyes. Vanga's dream book takes such gesture for a blessing from above. From the next day, a bright streak awaits the dreamer. Recognition of talent, high appreciation from the management, profitable acquaintances, and victories in disputes – this is exactly what light touches from the deceased father mean in a dream.

And, on the contrary, when the father kisses you and tries to caress you, but you do not like affection, expect trouble at work, quarrels in the family and the occurrence of diseases. At the same time, Tsvetkov's dream book urges you not to worry. It turns out that it is enough to remember in reality the positive sides of the deceased, to thank him mentally for his support and things will immediately get better.

If a living father kisses you in a dream, get ready for the gifts of fate. Young people and ladies will meet a long-awaited soul mate; have a family, children in the near future. Those who have hatched a profitable project will finally bring it to life and begin to receive the dividends due.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus guarantees positive outcome of litigations that have dragged on in court cases, if communication with your father brought a lot of positive and joyful feelings in a dream. Seeing yourself in an embrace with the deceased is a sign of the fulfillment of cherished desires.

Sergii Haranenko
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