Sex With Father Dream Meaning

Dream interpretation asserts: seeing sex with your father in a dream always has a figurative and strictly symbolic meaning, therefore there is nothing shameful and shocking about it.

If you happened to have sex with your father in a dream, it doesn’t mean that you are thinking about something like this or such thing can happen in reality.

A real father in a dream is associated with patronage, significance, will, influence, power. As well as skill, professionalism, self-assertion. Most likely, subconsciously you want (or feel the need) to adopt strong features of his character, to receive protection or simply become closer to him.

In worst interpretations the plot about sex with your father seen in a dream warns about a long and serious illness. The dreambooks also suspect that you underestimate yourself, you feel a strong lack of confidence, therefore you need support.

Sometimes such plot hints about practicing black magic and reflects the complete submission to the dark forces in the dream.

Making love to your father in a dream can also mean that consciously or not, but you are ready to destroy an endeavor in which you have invested too much. Dream interpretation advises to revise the situation and not to abandon your work.

This dream also means that you turned to be in a quite ambiguous situation and will not be able to cope without help. The image gives you a direct hint about who can help you.

If an intimate relationship with your father occurred in very strange conditions in a dream, you will find yourself in very ambiguous, uncertain circumstances.

Dream about anal sex with father points directly that you are being deceived by a relative or your beloved.

Oral sex with father indicates a dominant man in your life who is suppressing you.

A dream sex with your father that didn’t bring you pleasure is a sign of having to make a choice between independence and dependence from other people.

If the intimacy with your father brought you pleasant feelings in a dream, this is a symbol of coming happiness.

Sex with father in a dream also symbolizes complete satisfaction from the realization of your plans.

This dream promises easy and unhindered progress on the career ladder or a very profitable marriage for a business woman.

But if you experienced negative emotions, then having achieved the desired goal, you will face condemnation and shame.

    You should also pay attention to the kind of your relations with father:
  • Sex with your Godfather - new duties, the performance of which you have no right to refuse.
  • Stepfather - unusual events are coming.
  • Spiritual, holy father - delusion into which your loved ones involve you.
  • Your living father- happiness in marriage, a general improvement in life.
  • Sex with deceased father - serious barriers to business.

Having dream sex with your father with whom you are in very tensed relations in real life means that the situation will completely change soon. You will get to know your parent from another, positive side and understand that he is an example of a real man.

Having group sex with all your relatives at once means you will soon have to take care of the whole family and your relations will significantly improve.

Sergii Haranenko
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