Hickey Dream Meaning

Have you ever dreamed about a love bite? A hickey in a dream predicts meeting an interesting person or the beginning of passionate relations. Such a dream may also indicate cheating, disappointment in your beloved or separation.

    The dreambooks give brief interpretations of the plot depending on the dream details. Depending on who got a hickey in a dream:
  • a girl - predicts appearance of a rival;
  • a friend - a quarrel with him;
  • a guy - good luck in business;
  • a man - indicates the need to take decisive action.
    Where did the dreamer sea the hickey? Depending on the spot, the dreambooks give the following meanings:
  • on your lip - disappointment in yourself;
  • on the chest - betrayal of a loved one;
  • love bite on the belly - replenishment in the family;
  • on the face - injuries;
  • hickey on the hand - jealousy;
  • on the back - intrigue against the dreamer;
  • on the body - health problems;
  • a hickey on the neck - a romantic meeting;
  • on the cheek - deception on the part of loved ones.

If you saw many love bites in the dream, this is a sign predicting an accident.

If your husband had a hickey in your dream, this image predicts separation.

    Top-5 negative meanings of dreams about hickeys:
  • The love bite left by a loved one may mean parting with him.
  • To dream of a hickey on a partner's neck is a sign of treason.
  • To give your boss a love bite - brings conflicts at work.
  • To find several hickeys on the neck means committing a stupid act.
  • If you dreamed that your ex left a hickey, this means intrigues of ill-wishers.
    Top-5 positive meanings of dreams about love bites:
  • Getting a hickey from a stranger predicts new romantic relationship.
  • Leaving a hickey on the body of a loved one - happiness and harmony in your personal life.
  • Kissing a child on the forehead and leaving a hickey means an invitation to a family celebration.
  • If you dreamed that a classmate left you a hickey, this means solving an old problem.
  • A lover / mistress leaves a love bite – promises resting in a pleasant company.

A hickey in a dream often promises a surprise. Whether it will be pleasant or not depends on the plot details.

    Dream meanings depending on who left the love bite:
  • grandmother - the implementation of your plan;
  • a woman sick with cancer - a conflict with a loved one;
  • a widower - lack of attention from a loved one;
  • a neighbor in the country house - minor troubles;
  • unknown man - receiving good news;
  • a young man you are in love with - meeting interesting people;
  • a celebrity gave you a hickey - envy of loved ones;
  • father - fatigue and depression;
  • a prostitute - trouble at work;
  • son leaving a hickey - the risk of making a mistake;
  • mother-in-law - sharp deterioration in health;
  • a lady-neighbor - a pleasant surprise.

If you dream about kissing with the tongue (French kiss) with the person you love, this means the end of a difficult matter.

Why do you dream of having a love bite by Miller's dream book? According to Miller's dream book, a hickey in a dream predicts unpleasant events in life.

    Additional interpretations:
  • a blue trace from a love bite predicts a scandal;
  • red hickeys on someone’s chest – symbol of parting;
  • on the neck – means dissatisfaction with oneself.

According to Freud's dream book, a dream of a hickey can mean that a passionate relationship awaits the dreamer.

    Additional interpretations (by Freud):
  • leaving a hickey on someone shows desire to dominate a relationship;
  • to receive a love bite – the desire to obey the partner;
  • to see how hickeys are being put – means sexual dissatisfaction.

According to Vanga's dream book, the hickey indicates the need to be careful in business. According to the dream book of Nostradamus, the dream of a love bite brings positive changes in life.

According to Tsvetkov's dream book, the hickey in a dream means difficulties due to rash actions. According to Loff's dream book, a hickey means loss of reputation. According to Longo's dream book, the dream of a hickey is a symbol of unfulfilled sexual desires.

To feel the pain from a love bite - means repentance for the action you made.

Leaving a hickey on the enemy's body means reconciliation with him.

According to the Family Dream Book, such a dream promises health problems.

    Additional interpretations:
  • the hickey left by the deceased in a dream is a symbol of an accident;
  • black and blue trace from a kiss – means a serious illness;
  • a big bruise from a kiss – means dismissal.

A dream about giving yourself a hickey means gaining inner harmony. If a young guy dreamed of a love bite on his mother's neck, this means difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex. Seeing love bites all over your body indicates lack of trust between the partners.

Sergii Haranenko
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